Two Seam Pitch Versus Four Seam

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Two Seam Versus Four Seam?
by Dr. Sherry Werner Ph’D

Produced By Gary Leland

In this episode of the Fastpitch Softball Chat Show, Dr. Sherry Werner covers the difference of a two seam pitch versus a four seam pitch. Very few players, parents or coaches know the difference in these two pitching styles.

A 2 seam grip involves the seams in a “horseshoe” pattern “Ω”. Where you place the ball in hand with the longest finger at the top of the seam arch and when you pitch the ball spins with only two seams tumbling towards the plate.

Dr. Werner tells us that she teaches a 4 seam pitching grip because it tends to be more stable upon release. When prepping the ball for your 4 seam grip find the “C” on the ball and put the long finger at the top of the “C”. When the ball spins it will tumble with each seam crossing over end to end towards the batter.

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