View From The Stands

Written by Cat Osterman


View From The Stands

This year was the first time I have gone to the World Series as a spectator with vested interest. Even though I was only at one game supporting my beloved Longhorns, it was the most fun I have ever had in the stands. I left Hall of Fame stadium that night, emotionally exhausted from cheering, yelling, and just enjoying what has become an awesome experience.

The Women's College World Series has become just that. It's no longer just a tournament or a few games. It is an experience, and one so many athletes can dream to be a part of thanks to ESPN broadcasting the entire tournament. Athletes watch teams compete, and think, “I want to be there.” Growing up, we were lucky to see the Championship game on ESPN. That left us only watching two teams, and if you had not adamantly followed, you didn't know what other 6 teams were in OKC.

It's been fun to watch the event grow. It was fun to be immersed in a sea of fans that traveled up to watch their team. It's awesome to meet people who come from far and wide because they are fans of softball. Meeting couples that have been sitting in the stadium seats for years before I played is an awesome feeling. Our sport is still popular. It's still growing, and the World Series has become far more than what it was when I played.

To have a reflection like this was amazing. To see how much it's grown, to experience it from a different side, it was a true pleasure. College softball will continue to grow, and parity will make this experience better. Thankfully more girls have the opportunity to dream to be a part of it.

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