Want vs. Do

Written By Stacie Mahoe

Want Vs. Do

Make Sure What you want lines up with what you do

Have you ever heard people talking or grumbling about life changes they supposedly want or “need” …

“I want to lose weight.”

“I want to earn more money.” “I need a new job .”

“I want to pay off my credit cards.”

yada, yada, yada

Sound familiar? You hear people say these phrases all the time, BUT how many of them actually DO anything about those wants? Do their actions line up with what they want?

Are they doing anything to lose weight instead of gain it?

Are they doing anything to put themselves in a position to earn more money, like increasing knowledge or learning new skills, or are they just wishing for it?

Are they doing anything to find or train for a better job or do they just sit and complain about their current employment?

Are they doing anything to pay off those credit cards, like paying more to it than they charge each month?

What about you? What about softball?

Do you “want” to move up in the batting lineup but then go through the motions during hitting drills?

Do you “want” to be a pitcher but then try to get out of all those pitching drills and extra practice sessions?

Do you “want” your players to dominate on the bases but rarely practice taking leads , sliding, reading change-ups or dirt balls early, or getting out of the box quickly?

Do you “want” your players to execute the short game at will but forget to make bunting a regular part of your offensive practice?

Granted, you may not get everything you want, but. ..

If there's something you really, really want, something that ‘s more important to you than just about anything, do a self check! Does what you do day in and day out line up with what you want? If so, congratulations! You're on the right track.

If not, you're probably stuck in the trap of “wanting” something but doing nothing about it. Don't worry, you're not alone. It happens to all of us for a number of reasons. Most commonly it's because…

  • You don ‘t really want this thing as badly as you say or think you do
  • You aren't sure what do to do accomplish what you want
  • You're focused on another more important goal
  • You have no good reason, just need a loving swift kick in the butt or
  • You need someone to hold you accountable

So how do you overcome these issues and finally start taking steps toward what you want?

Decide: The first thing you need to do is decide what's really important to you. What is it that you really, really (did I say ” really”) want? If you haven't taken action on your “want” yet, take a moment to re-evaluate and make sure it ‘s not just something that sounds good or “would be nice” if you accomplished it. Get clear and be specific about what really matters to you. It's okay to change your mind or put other less important goals on hold while you focus on chasing down the one matters most. Decide what it is you ‘ re after and decide that you will do what it takes to get there.

Take that first step: You may not know each and every step you need to take to accomplish what you want, but you CAN figure out a first step. You are capable of taking the first steps on your own. The most important thing right now is getting started! Think about it. What small thing can you start doing now that will take you closer to what you want?

Figure out what needs to change: To help you answer that last question, take a look at what you ‘ re doing now. What is currently helping you accomplish what you want? Are you doing anything that isn't helping you? Be honest with yourself and evaluate your actions and choices. Keeping doing the things that help you and adjust or drop things that don ‘t.

This first step doesn't have to be big. Start small and work from there. Maybe you need to start showing up for practice a little earlier instead of rushing every day. Maybe you need to focus just a bit more in your drills instead of engaging in chit chat. Maybe you need to sleep a little earlier instead of watching another tv show or staying on facebook. Maybe you need to hydrate well with water instead of drinking soda or juice. Again, it doesn't needs to be something huge. Look for ONE thing you can change right away and take that first baby step toward getting what you want.

Ask for help: If you feel like you're doing everything you can but still aren't making the progress you want, ask for help. Maybe you need a little more work on your hitting or pitching or fielding. In addition to taking extra reps , ask your coach or instructor if they see something you can do better. What can you tweak to imp rove your performance? Be open and willing to listen to feedback and make adjustments as needed. While you can make great progress by simply making a point to apply what you already know, don't be afraid to ask for help. There's always more to learn. Asking for help does not make you weak or stupid , it makes you smart and resourceful! Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to help take your game up a notch. Watch, listen, learn , and apply concepts that work for you.

Build in accountability: In addition to writing your goals down and putting them in a place you ‘ll see them often, accountability can put you on the fast track to accomplishing your goals. If no one knows about your goals it's easier to give up on them. Share your goals with positive minded people who inspire you and believe in you. Just knowing that someone else knows what you ‘ re trying to accomplish helps you stay on track and keep moving even when you feel like giving up. When you share your goals with the right people, you'll find cheerleaders who jump in and pick you up at just the right time or butt kickers who provide that loving, but well deserved swift kick every now and then. Choose people who support you, believe in you, who aren ‘t afraid to call you out when you need it, and who won't allow you to wallow around in a puddle of self pity for too long . A good support system is essential to success, but tough to find. Choose the people you surround yourself with carefully.

Take action today

I know I ‘ve given you a lot to think about and thinking is good, but taking conscious action is better. Doing the same thing you ‘ve always done will get you the same results you've always gotten. If you want different results, you must do something different.

Start small. Start now. Decide what you want. Think about whether or not what you DO lines up with what you WANT, make adjustments, and go from there. Make this season awesome. You got this!

Stacie MahoeStacie started playing fastpitch softball at the age of 9 and Founded All About Fastpitch in 2004. Stacie also served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Softball Performance. She currently blogs about Fastpitch softball at StacieMahoe.com. Her perspectives on the game as a former player, current coach, and current softball parent provide unique insights on various softball issues. Visit her website at StacieMahoe.com

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