What’s the Count? (iTunes)

What's the Count?

What's the Count?

What's the Count? provides mental plans for pitchers and hitters of all ages to help you succeed in the game of fast pitch softball.

The mental plans in this book guide you towards your destination of softball success by showing you methods to give you an advantage in the game If you are a pitcher they show you how to keep and increase the advantage you start with at the beginning of every at bat. If you are a batter they show you what is required for you to take the advantage away from the pitcher and use it for yourself. When followed, these plans will steer you to success in the game of softball.

When understood and executed well, the mental plans provided in What's the Count? will help raise your level of play, allow you to attain your highest potential, and give you an edge to consistently prevail over your competition on the field and for those athletic scholarships to top rated softball schools.

This iBook is available on iTunes for you iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.
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