The Whip Hit Bat For Hand Path Swing Training

The Whip Hit Bat for Hand Path Swing Training By Gary Leland

The WhipHit Bat is uniquely designed to teach the shortest swing path to the ball. It quickly improves your swing technique and helps you build bat speed with repetitive use so you can hit stronger, smarter and better.

Baseball and Softball players of all ages and skill levels can use the WhipHit Bat. Practice with it, listen to it, succeed with it. The WhipHit Bat will literally WHIP your swing into shape!

Teaches the shortest, most efficient hand path to the ball

Improves hitter's power and control

Develops bat speed

Hit off a tee or hit front tossed balls as precision increases

Use with real baseballs and softballs

Start swinging correctly within minutes!

Only $79.95 and in stock in my Texas store.

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