Win A 2014 Anderson Rockettech Fastpitch Bat

This is the tenth episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a 2014 Anderson Rockettech Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a 2014 Anderson Rockettech Fastpitch Softball Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

The Anderson RockeTech FP, with its all-metal exterior multiwall design, has a barrel-weighted minus 9 swing weight and is designed to take advantage of a strong fastpitch hitter’s skill and ability. The RFP is as hot as it can be and still be legal. If you’re serious enough to put in the time at practice, you're ready for the RFP and the results you deserve. However, you may need a bigger trophy case because the RFP is a souvenir maker.

Here are some features of the 2014 Anderson Rockettech Fastpitch Softball Bat.

The all-metal RockeTech bat includes the PowerArch – exterior sleeve – multi-wall design that features two matched aluminum walls, an inner shell that wields the patented PowerArch contour and an exterior sleeve that wraps the inner shell with added elastic performance, durability and provides a feel that uniquely end-loaded. Together they create a highly responsive hitting surface that includes a generous effective hitting area and superior feel.

The TaperFlex contour is designed to optimize the flexural and vibrational response of the bat by distributing the mass of the taper in such a way that a harmonic flexural response is achieved. When combined, the result is a bat that has superior feel, superior performance and a truly unique hitting experience.

The Ultra-Thin Handle is designed to maximize batspeed by allowing the handle to fit nicely into the batter’s fingers rather than in the palms of their hands. It is designed thin to make it easily customizable for each hitter. You can make the handle bigger by adding a thicker grip, but you cannot make it smaller once it is formed.
The Thin Sport Grip provides a tacky feel and supports the thin handle design by making the handle as thin as possible. The Sport Grip allows those that want a thicker handle to be able to simply overwrap it with another grip or with tape to customize the fit of their Anderson bat.

The patented Weldless-Ergonomic Knob adds weight where it is transparent to the swing. It improves the balance of the bat and maximizes the MOI while adding the additional distance that only mass in the right place can give you. The construction is patented and the shape of the ergonomic knob was designed in cooperation with a team of orthopedic surgeons to provide a safer, more comfortable feel.

The TruFlex Toughened-Lightweight Cap adds to the performance and feel of the bat by providing the support in the end of the bat necessary to maximize the energy transfer of the barrel to the ball while maintaining just enough flex to control the amount of vibration created at contact. The reduced weight in the cap improves the bat's MOI.

A reduced Moment of Inertia (the effort necessary to swing the bat) is the object of all of the weight manipulation included in the overall design and the design of every component used in an Anderson bat. This attention to the structural details makes it possible to swing a heavier bat with less effort. A quicker, more powerful swing makes it possible to provide each and every player with Game Improvement by Design.

Watch this episode and learn how to enter the contest for a chance to win this months prize. The winners name will be posted on June the 25th.

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  • MikeMilza

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  • Tearza_Brewer

    I would love to have this bat for myself and my team and be able to see the extra power of our hits with it

  • nnrich7

    This bat looks amazing. My daughter also started softball with an Anderson bat!! She is now on a varsity High School team and an 18 U travel team. Would love to win this for her college showcase tourneys!! Thx

  • Fabensrt

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  • ChristopherWittry

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    Would be great to have my daughter use the Anderson versus the xenon. Robert Loar

  • lRmac3

    My daughter has just started playing for a new travel team this year and I thought why not also try a new bat. 

  • krbr30

    I have 7 girls,,5 of which are currently on several teams it would be so exciting to give this to my older girls.. Love the site thank you. Kerry Chavez

  • BrittanyWaters

    It would be really nice to win this bat ive never had à bat to use for my own so id love to win it and love your show

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  • kevinglenlaplante

    I’ve watched my daughter steadily progress into a competitive machine over 4 years now (11 yrs of age).  Anderson  came on my radar this year as I was researching bats to up her game. Would love for Rockettech to be her first “real” bat.  As always, thanks for the great tips your show provides!

  • crystalfaulkner2000

    I would love to see my daughter hit with this bat. I’ve heard really good things about them and have been wanting to try one out. Thank you!

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    My daughter had used a rocketech for 3 years and decided to get the 2014 xeno. She has not been happy with the bat, but due to the cost, we will not let her get another one. She is Wally wanting this new Rocketech and hope you will chose her to receive it. Thanks for the opportunity. Kristy Williams

  • bwaldron

    Love the info that this show puts out there……my daughter would love a new bat & a Rockettech is what she’s been wanting!

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    I travel pitching live arm to high school girls and so far the Anderson bats are pretty phenomenal.
    My daughter has been doing her research on the Rockettech and she knows this would be the bat for her.she told me “Wow , if we get chosen just think I can share it with my teammates and all of the girls you pitch to!!!#” thank you for this opportunity!!!

  • softballmom27

    I have a Junior in High School ball who also has played for 10 years of travel with highly competitive teams.  She would surely enjoy to market this new Anderson bat at the upcoming tourneys/showcases she will be in for Summer ball!  Especially when she hits a bomb with it!!!!!

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    Im a new subscriber to this channel. Just started coaching 12 u travel team, and none of our girls can afford a nice bat would really like to have this bat!!!!!

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    I love Andseron bats. My daughter still us her older Pyrotech and loves it.

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  • RonnieMullins

    My daughter likes about 10ft hitting a home run , and she wants to hit one so bad! Maybe this would be just the bat to do it! Thanks!

  • fivebills

    Great testimony Gary! I would love to be able to share the same testimonial and prove to my 12U team how good of a product Anderson produces and to give my daughter as well has her teammates the best chance to hit a out of the park home run. If not out of the park, at least make the defense chase the ball longer while we are rounding the bases.

  • MelissaJacksonScott

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    The one thing my daughter has trouble with is power this could be the solution.

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    Looking for a new bat. Its that time the old bat is done. Needing to find a good new bat for my daughter for her U-16 tournaments. She’s hitting the fence but not over yet. The old bat is out of gas. Would love to put a new rocket tech in her hands and watch her swing away.

  • carlcat2812

    I bought this bat for my daughter’s 12th birthday last month and she was a few feet short of hitting one over 2 weeks later. Great bat!

  • cadolff

    Would love a new Rockettech for my DD.  Have had 2 others and they were great.

  • Tim_C_is_me

    Gary, love the shows and all the info. Thanks so much!

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    my daughter. She has worked very hard
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    Thank you Gary for keeping up with, and keeping us informed of the latest and greatest in the world of softball.  I have four young ladies  ages 4, 9, 15 and 22.  Fastpitch tv has helped me tremendously.  From seminars, and how to videos, to the latest and greatest equipment on the market.  These insights, that you and your staff provide, have helped preserve the love of the game.  Whatever direction these young ladies choose in life, I pray they always remember how fun this sport really is.  Thank you, and keep up the good work.


  • mcrookham

    Great shows and info. Daughters would love this bat to swing away.

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    I’ve always heare great things about Anderson. Thanks Gary for promoting these great items. Would love to get this bat into my daughters hands!!. Keep the shows coming.

  • twistedwhitty is at the top of my bookmarks. Great advice and wonderful promotions! Thank you!!

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    This new Rockettech matches the AirHogs team uniforms!  I’d love to see my daughter launch a softball from it!  Thanks Gary!

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  • Hammondwildcats

    Looks like a great bat. My team would love to use this in there playoffs this year.

  • DirtyDawg

    I got the chance to see a girl use one of the older Rockettech fastpitch bats when I umpire women’s slow pitch.  The bat had an awesome sound to it and she was still able to hit the ball pretty far.  I can’t wait to see what the new model can do.

  • tpalmer4

    I wish I had this bat when I was in High School and my team would love to use this bat next year!!! We have some great players returning next year, and this could top the season off!

  • jbb38501

    My daughter will be going into the 8th grade this coming year.She plays on the Prescott Lady Bulldogs Middle school team.This bat would really improve her hitting! It would be a big help to her in trying to get as good as she can for her chances of making the high school team in 2016.Thanks so much.

  • dstangroom

    Wow! I always thought a bat was a bat. I’m guessing not. A few things stood out in this video but I like the part about the orthopedic surgeons. My daughter had labrum surgery last year and has had a hard time with batting since then especially with vibration, this might be a great option.

  • bonclarke

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  • NavyTechVet

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    And thanks for all of the giveaways.  Im sure I speak for everyone who posts/enters when I say it is very much appreciated.

  • Woodworkingfan1965

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  • Jerrylee92


  • Jerrylee92

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  • Nicola_hames

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  • ChristyK02

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  • Bandrus

    Almost forgot to enter this month’s contest!  Remembered just in time to win the RocketTech.

  • 00BevanH

    Loved your history with the RockeTech!  I will always have a RockeTech in my bat bag.  My daddy got me one three years ago – a 30 inch 20 ounce bat.  I hit my first homerun with it that year, some defense errors helped, but it was still a very good hit and my first travel ball homerun!  It has been getting too small for me and sadly I just broke the end cap off of it a couple of weeks ago. I need to replace the end cap, but probably won’t, and broken or not I am keeping it for the memory, but will need to get a 32 inch one real soon.  I have used and have owned other bats, all mostly used, but none have outlasted the Rocket, and it just does not seem right to not have the Rocket with me 🙁
    I hope luck is on my side with this opportunity, and thank you Gary, Anderson Bats, and for the opportunity
    Pineville, Louisiana

  • Ryno25 You are the winner of this months Win Some Softball Stuff Contest. Please send me an email at to claim your bat.

  • is this months winner of The Win Some Softball Stuff Contest. Congrats

  • swensonrock74

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