Win A 2014 Easton Mako Fastpitch Softball Bat

The eighth episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a 2014 Easton Mako Fastpitch Softball Bats. Produced By Gary Leland

This month you have the opportunity to win a 2014 Easton Mako Fastpitch Softball Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

Personalize your power at the plate with the Easton® Mako Fastpitch Bat. Crafted with a two-piece composite speed design, the 2014 Mako Fastpitch Bat boasts advanced TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology that produces a massive sweet spot and unmatched swing speeds. The extra-long barrel gives players more chance at making contact, while patented two-piece ConneXion™ technology maximizes energy transfer for an enhanced feel.

Here are some features of the 2014 Easton Mako Fastpitch Softball Bat.

-10 length to weight ratio
2-1/4″ barrel diameter
Two-piece composite speed design
TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology produces a massive sweet spot and unmatched speed
Patented two-piece ConneXion™ technology maximizes energy transfer for an enhanced feel
Extra-long barrel gives players more chance at making contact
Ultra-fast through the zone with also the most barrel in the zone
98 MPH certified
Ultra-thin 29/32″ handle
Performance diamond grip
BPF 1.20 – approved for play in ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, SSUSA and ISF
Part of the 2014 Easton® Power Brigade™ Series

Watch this episode and learn how to enter the contest for a chance to win this months prize. The winners name will be posted on January the 25th.

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313 thoughts on “Win A 2014 Easton Mako Fastpitch Softball Bat

  1. OMG OMG I just got soooo excited (like butterflies in my stomach) for a chance to win this bat.  Have been looking at it for my DD the last couple months. Really really want to purchase it for her. Considered about not paying a couple bills just to get it, but unfortunately the checkbook says No.  🙁    So now it’s going to be like Christmas waiting until March 25th to see if she will get it   🙂  

    As always Rocks!!!  Also as I speak for everyone else,  Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to get free Softball equipment.  Love it!!!

  2. My daughter hit with this bat this past weekend! Wow, what a sound it made! Hit it to the fence and as she was running to first base, she yelled, Mom, I got have this bat!!! I told her to get a job! LOL

  3. My daughter wants this bat really bad. She has always wanted the purple and white Stealth, but have been told this is a really  hot bat and is very similar to her dream bat. She  finally got to  see it in action and her eyes lite up.

  4. Any of our players would LOVE to win this bat!  Several players have already bought this bat and love it! If we win, the EASTON MAKO will used as a raffle to raise money for the association!  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!

  5. My husband daughter and I love fastpitch TV and all the posts. We would love to win this bat for our daughter. Have been doing our research on bats and this sounds like the perfect bat for her. Has too bats now that are about to be retired so this would make the perfect gift for her.

  6. Would love new MAKO for my grandadughter. She is 7 1/2 yrs.-old and has been playing for 3+ years now. She is 4’1″ and weighs about 65 pounds. What size bat would you recommend?

  7. Love the bat, have been looking at since Aug. of last year . My daughter has been wanting it since then to. It’s a pretty bat and has great pop out of the wrapper from the reviews I have read. Thanks Fastpitch TV

  8. ❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️ I am a live eat breath softball fan softball is my life without it I wouldn’t know what to do with myself winning this bat would be the world to me!!! This bat is beautiful and I would love to be able to say that my bat came from the fast pitch tv show. I watch you guys alll the time I listen for all the tips I can get because you are never perfect at anything there is always somthing to learn especially in the game of softball. WINNING THIS BAT WOULD ALLOW ME TO HIT AN ANAZING YEAR WITH AN AMAZING EASTON BAT!!!! So thank you sooo much for making your tv show and allowing me to get amazing tips and ideas!!⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️

  9. I would love to give this bat a try!!! I play 12u ball here in Montana and one of my individual goals this upcoming season is to hit an out of the park home run!!! I came close last year and I am going to do it this season for sure!!!

  10. Forget watching for that dumb groundhog for spring predictions, the start of softball is what lets you know spring is on it’s way! What better way to start a new season than with a new bat! 😉

  11. My daughter is on a 12U Team and several of the girls do not have a composite bat because they cannot afford one. This would be a great addition to the team and be used as a TEAM bat.

  12. We have been looking for the 30/20 Mako forever and nobody has it! We have been to demos and was told that nobody will keep that bat in stock. Thought we found it and my 9yo paid half for it but she accidentally grabbed the baseball bat. So I would love for my daughter to win this bat and finally make that easton dream come true! Thanks

  13. All my life I’ve never had a bat that wasn’t Easton. I’m in love with this bat. I think it is so awesome that you are doing these videos and I would love to swing this in my upcoming softball season!!!

  14. Hey Gary – Love the live casts and all the info Fatpitch TV has been putting out over the past few years. Been following since the beginning. I am  a Travel Coach in NY and would love to add this bat to the team.

  15. It looks great!   The extra barrel will help my daughter make more contact, and thus increasing her confidence at bat.  This a great way to inform us what’s out there on the market.  Thanks.

  16. Great Video!  I would love to win this bat for my granddaughter. She has been playing select softball for the past 8 years or so.  I am sooo proud of her for making the varsity team and she is one of five very talented freshman who start on varsity.  She plays second, third and catcher. I would love to reward her for all the hard work she has put in to get to this point. Thank you for all the information!!

  17. This is a great contest my daughter has been working so hard this past winter and she made varsity as a freshman and how I would love to be able to hand her this bat before her first game on March 29th.. as freshman she would look so cool holding this bat at the plate on her fist time hitting

  18. I would really love to win this bat because I have a Xeno that is broken and my mom doesn’t have enough money to get a new bat and this is the bat I’ve wanted for a while! I would be so grateful if you picked me! God bless and have a great day!

  19. We have a girl on our 12U team who has one and everyone wants to use it. But it’s too big for some of the girls. A 31/21 for our other batters to share would be awesome!

  20. Love me some thanks for all the work you put in to make the sport better. I would lo e to get one of these bats for the two teams I come each to share. It’s tough to afford one of these high performance bats.

  21. I would love to win the 2014 Easton Mako bat for my daughter who plays 12u select softball. One of her teammates just got it and that bat puts all other to shame. Super sweet spot. Please pick my daughter to be the lucky winner!!! Thanks

  22. Just want to say first of all thanks to your show I have learned so much more than I thought I knew playing college ball. Now I coach EC Drama 12u gold team in RI and being from thee smallest state our kids don’t get seen and can’t play outside all year round. I would like to win this bat for my team to have and really see what they can do. They are so dedicated practicing hard all year round to play for 7 months outside….keep up the good work with the tv show..I love watching and learning….coach michelle

  23. My daughter currently has the FS-3 and this is a great bat.  I hear the MAKO is even better.  My 10 year old daughter would love to have a new bat!!

  24. The Utah Adrenaline 12U could sure use a bat like this as a “team” bat.  It’s hard for a lot of kids to be able to afford  these bats and a lot of people that can afford them, don’t particularly like everyone using their bat.  Not to mention the bat is a perfect fit for our team colors, Orange, Gray, and Purple.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  25. Thank you for providing so many useful instructional videos throughout the year.  This bat would certainly be useful to my Varsity team as we begin our 2014 season.

  26. My name is Katie Young, I am from Kentucky. I am a senior in high school and I’ve played four years of varsity softball including the starting left fielder in 2011 winning the state championship in which we won. Including that I hit a grand slam in the state tournament as a freshman as we went on to win state. I am continuing my softball career at Georgetown College. I’ve been looking at this bat and wanting to purchase one but reconsidering because the price. I would love and appreciate if I won this bat. I know it’s at random, but definitely hope I get it. Thank you!

  27. This is the exact bat my daughter is wanting. It would be great for her first year on the modified softball team. Thank you for a great chance on winning an awesome bat.

  28. My daughter said this bat would look good in her new double bat bag! Thanks for the update on the Fastpich Magazine App! I’m waiting on the next subscription!

  29. Thanks for what you are doing for the sport! This is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn the game of fast pitch softball! The giveaways that you are doing is a great way for people to try the best equipment available.

  30. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to get us this valuabel information. I spend hours looking at the videos and seeing how I canhelp these young girls as they pursue fastpitch softball. I will continue to pass the word about so you can continue to pass the word to us. There are so many helpful things. it is also great to see how you have been able to keep your daughter involved as well. Thanks

  31. WOW Gary! Another great bat! My daughter has been begging me for weeks to get this for her this year, but it isn’t quite in the budget. She has moved up to 14U and said she needs all the help she can get. Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the good work!

  32. This is one of the hottest bats on the market!! Also love the fastpitch tv !! My daughter is really eyeing this bat!! She would love to have it. Keep up the good work fastpitch tv!! We love it!!

  33. My daughter would love this bat (well me too) with the TCT™ Thermo Composite Technology produces a massive sweet spot and unmatched speed, I’m sure she could hit the ball to the fence. Also the Extra-long barrel given players more chance at making contact on those outside pitches. Would love to see this in her hand.  Thank you for everything you do!!!

  34. The most important lesson I learned in Little Leauge (softball) were to be a good loser, a graceful winner, put the team effort ahead of personal goals and put 100 percent of my self in every game and practice ~ Bill Bradley…… words to live by 🙂

  35. My daughter would love to win this bat, she is working so hard to try and earn money in fundraising to get this mako! She is in love with it:) I have 2 daughters that play travel ball so she has to help as it is way out of our budget.

  36. looking to get these for my middle school softball team! We are currently trying to raise funds for three.Having one free would be a tremendous blessing!

  37. My daughter hit with this bat this weekend……. she loves it!!!!!! She was killing the ball. All i can say is WOW….AWESOME BAT!!!!! Would love to win one!!!!

  38. PLEASE CHOOSE ME! Made varsity this year and would like to play with my own bat! It’s a beauty and It would mean the world to me if I won this bat!!!!!!! #softballislife

  39. I love my Easton SCN1B hand me down loaner – said to be the best bat produced by anyone, and is by far the best bat I have used and is my “go to!”  Everything I read and have heard from friends say that the Mako is hot out of the box and is what I and the team need.
    Thanks for the opportunity, and live on FastPitch.TV

  40. Love the show and great tips we receive each time we log on! Hoping to add the Mako to the arsenal of other Eastons we own. Unfortunately, a 5″ growth spurt  from last season has retired most of those bats!

  41. I’m a contact hitter looking for more pop on my bat. But unfortunately I can’t afford this high end bat. It would be a dream come true if I won.

  42. My daughter would really like this bat she has seen in a game situation and it does make a difference. It is surprising how well the girls can hit with this bat.

  43. Wow for a high school team to win that Meiko there would be a lot of girls Who would benefit greatly from that bat and they would all love you Gary thanks for the chance to be able to win it.