Win A 2014 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat From Louisville Slugger

The sixth episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a 2014 LXT fastpitch softball bat from Louisville Slugger. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a 2014 LXT fastpitch softball bat from Louisville Slugger. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

Here are some features of the 2014 LXT Fastpitch Softball Bat From Louisville Slugger.

The Louisville Slugger LXT is the first-ever three-piece fastpitch bat! The LXT is built with Louisville Slugger's patented TRU3 three-piece connection technology and a Pure 360 Composite Barrel.

This give the LXT a lighter swing weight, dramatically reduced vibration and overall better feel.

Louisville Slugger is so confident that this is best bat in the business that they are backing it up with the TRU3 30-Day Performance Promise. If you're not more confident in your swing in 30 days, send it back to them!

Watch this episode and learn how to enter the contest for a chance to win this months prize. The winners name will be posted on January the 25th.

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  • KimChristian

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    Signed USSSA Houston TM

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  • Jpreball01

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  • TimJobe

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  • KaitlynMoore

    I have hit with the 2013 and 2014 Xeno. I love EVERYTHING about Louisville Slugger Fastpitch. It is the only brand bat that I use and can trust. I would love to own a LXT. I really like everything that I have heard about the bat and would love having the hottest bat on the market in my hands. It would most definitely help me LEAVE MY MARK in 2014 if I had the opportunity to own this bat!

  • scotthotchkiss

    My oldest daughter has the LXT 33/24 she hits bombs with it and I would love to win one for her sister. We also own a  Xeno 2013 33/23 love it she uses it for faster pitching or when it is cold and she is afraid she might break her LXT!

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     My daughter is in her Junior year of High School and a played Varsity last year as a softmore. She loves the different drills as do most of the players and they enjoy that we are not doing the same drills over and over. My daughter has been partial to her Demarini and Easton bats, but is eager to try the new Louisville LXT given that it is reported to be hot right out of the box without having to break it in.
    Keep up the great work!

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    With this being said as the step-mom & wife I would love to surprise both of them & show them I know a thing or two about bats!!! 🙂
    Best of luck to all.

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  • NadineWaterman You are the winner of the Baden Axe Bat. Please email Gary@Fastpitch.TV to claim your prize

  • NadineWaterman  You are the winner of the Baden Axe Bat. Please email Gary@Fastpitch.TV to claim your prize. Congrats.

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  • Bjack325

    A 31″ would go good for Bday girl today for her beginning 12U season in July!

  • MattStenuis

    We’re blowing up DeMarini bats weekly, need a Slugger desperately.

  • FrankTheTank13

    Used to have the 2012 Xeno, and I now have the 2013. I would absolutely love to have the LXT. If it’s anything like the past Xeno’s, then it’ll be great

  • PerryBerkley

    Gary, love the tips on your site and would love to win the new LXT from LS for my daughter!

  • JenB33

    We are fans of your show.  Love the tips and info.

  • Bjack325

    Can NC get a Western Coaching clinic? Bring the LXT as a gift:-)

  • 2baggersdad

    looks like a great bat

  • Burgs

    Fall ball is just around the corner

  • robrea

    This bat has a lot of pop. My team would love to have this as their team bat!!!!

  • Burgs

    The daughters 12u Team went 18-0 in Travel-ball play a lot of the girls had new xenos’s , mime used a 2013 Easton FS..Would like to see hat this has to offer her!!