Win A 2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno

This is the eleventh episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a 2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a 2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno Softball Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

Built with advanced technology unique to Louisville Slugger bats, the Xeno is the fastest-selling bat in Fastpitch and features thinner, higher-strength walls for a lighter swing weight and a barrel to handle connection that creates a larger sweet spot and better overall feel.

iST technology
Balanced swing weight
Louisville Slugger end cap
Synthetic grip, 7/8″ standard handle

The thinner high-strength and lightweight graphite fibers of our LS-2X Composite Barrel Technology add barrel strength while reducing overall thickness, resulting in a lighter swing and better performance.

We added an aluminum inner disc – called S1iD Technology – to the Xeno to create a more flexible, forgiving barrel, a larger sweet spot and a cleaner “pop” with every hit.
– See more at:

Watch this episode and learn how to enter the contest for a chance to win this months prize. The winners name will be posted on July the 25th.

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  • krbr30

    I have 7 girls all play softball.. we would love this bat! Thank you

  • backinthegame

    My first really good softball bat was a Louisville Slugger. I can still remember the “pop” I got from it as well as some of my teammates using it.

  • PHCoach

    The girls on my tournament team love the Xeno bats.  Would love to have a new one for them to finish the summer.

  • kcg123

    My daughter uses a 2014 Xeno now. She would love to win this 2015 Xeno

  • JenB33

    Love this LS.  Love the show.  Love the contests 🙂

  • awarnix

    My daughter saw the video and loves this bat. She said she just has to have it.

  • softballmomma72

    Would love to upgrade my daughter’s bat!  She loves the Xeno and I think this new one is just what she is looking for!

  • tifjayjoclex

    My daughter just started softball after aging out of baseball little league, this would be a great bat for her!!

  • softball_mom12

    Would love to win this for my daughter!

  • AngelaDana

    My daughter traded in her Easton last year for the 2014 DeMarini- hates it!  She would love to win this 2015 Xeno!

  • EricaHofman

    My daughter would love to win this bat!!!!

  • AshleyGreen3

    My kids have the 2013 XENO and won’t use anything else that is in their bag.  Would love to have another so they don’t have to share. 🙂

  • SandlotSlugg14

    We’d love to have one of these in the arsenal!

  • waltersj6504

    My daughter would absolutely love to have this batď we are a working family and havent been able to afford bats like this! Right now she has a 2 piece composite bat, but its one of the lower end ones and she always gets comments about it and not in a good way! This would be an absolutely awesome win!

  • JasonRobbins1

    We have been wanting to get a Xeno for a long time

  • rwagley

    Just the bar my daughter wants!!

  • Nrgizr11

    This bat has the most HORRIBLE sound when a ball hits it, but MAN OH MAN does the ball fly off it. Wouldn’t mind adding it to my repetoire of demarini’s that I have… AND LOVE! As I pitcher I think part of the bat is going to come at me because to me it sounds like it is breaking every time there is contact…

  • Pender16

    No soup for you! Xeno for me (actually, my daughter)

  • ZoieSellers

    I would love to win one of these bat I have a 2013 xeno that’s too short for me but I still have to use I love Louisville sluggers!!!

  • lRmac3

    Would love to upgrade my daughter from her 2013 CF5.

  • tpalmer4

    I have been really liking all your post and articles you share! They all have been helpful at the beginning of my coaching career! My athletes would love this bat!

  • PamelaMulvey

    I would love to win this bat for my daughter!

  • sweetsummerz18

    I would love to win this for my daughter

  • hsmomof3

    Would love to be able to win this for my daughter. She’s been using a Xeno that belongs to a team mate and she LOVES it! We are unable to buy one for her right now but would be soooooo blessed to win this for her! Thank you!

  • No soup for you///Xeno for my daughter!!!

  • NJ Heat03

    Great bat great offer my soon to be 12u daughter could use this bat

  • bryan_dds95

    If this one is better than the 2014, lots of bombs in the future!!

  • brandy_z28

    Would love to win this for my daughter!

  • Abbie111513

    Would love this bat for my senior year!!!

  • TanziKancler

    Beautiful bat…I’ve heard great things…

  • Dadofthree

    My daughter would absolutely love to have this bat, we are a working family with 3 girls and havent been able to afford bats like this! Right now she has a “D” 2 piece composite bat. SHe has been using her teammates Xeno and she loves it. More pop and extra bases because of it. This would make her day to win one of these bats.

  • eflaten

    Pick me!  My daughter loves the Xenos.

  • KristyYork

    Yes please

  • HJC44

    I LOVE the 2014 xeno bat! It is the only one I can seem to hit off of!

  • cableguy493

    Xeno vs Mako? I’ll let my daughter decide.

  • afaucette1

    I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!

  • devildogg3

    My daughter loves her older Xeno, she would love to have this bat

  • KeithKing

    Would love to win the 2015 xeno…the 2014 has alot of pop can’t wait to see what this bat holds

  • MikeCrothers

    My 14 yeold has been swing the LS XENO for the last 2 years as she has had the 2013 and 2014 models. Her 2014 recently broke during Showcase tournament in South Carolina. The warranty is great and turnaround time to get her replacement was less than 10 days. She lives by this bat and will not swing any other bat. Great quality for the price!

  • SoftballEd

    I like Louisville products, especially their bats. This Xeno would make the perfect upgrade for my duaghters older bats. Keep up the good work Gary!

  • melissafaucette

    My daughter would love to have this bat!

  • KristyBaca

    Love the xeno bat!

  • Pattibodell

    Would love to win this for my girls!

  • Ammohog

    My daughter has used a Xeno for about 3 seasons, it was at one time the team bat. So it has seen beyond its fair share of hits! It has been a great bat! She just made the High School team and would love the New Xeno 2015 C11.

  • DidiVonBargenMiles

    Both of my girls swing Xeno {12u gold and 14u A/B}.  And after seeing their success with it this season- now so does most of their teams!!  Xeno has hops!  My oldest will be needing a new one fall ball- just about wore hers out!  So we’d love, love, love a chance at a new one!

  • SoftballEd

    I like Louisville products, especially their bats. This bat would make an excellent upgrade to my daughters old bat. Keep up the great work Gary!

  • LeroySmithson

    This would be a great addition to the team

  • AshleyGilmoreLee

    We have used Louisville Sluggers forever, great work and would love to win this bat

  • TRicherson2000

    My daughter is a power hitter. This bat would give her that extra ummmph she has been needing.

  • autox19

    Something….. (you said to post something…)


    Used the mizuno frenzy 4.0 but sadly it broke, hopefully this will be a great replacment for that!

  • EugeneLeblanc

    My daughter has the 2014 and loves it and would really love to hit with the 2015.

  • NickCraanen

    Looking to Replace my Daughters CF5 Insane… this looks like a good option.

  • leslieviv

    Love the xeno! Would love to win this for my daughter!

  • Emilydf277

    I would love to have this bat especially because of the really big sweet spot and it won’t break. And I’m a power hitter and this would give me extra power

  • bustinlidz

    Sounds like a great bat.

  • Auroracabrera

    I love your Facebooks posts.

  • DawnClintonTaylor

    would love to win this for my daughter’s 10th birthday in September!

  • jetjr73

    Both of my daughters have hit nothing but xenos the last 3 years. And they will not change. Best bet ever.

  • GarryHaley

    We could add this to our arsenal!

  • rakraus

    My daughter has been looking at getting a new bat and this one would perfect for her.

  • jandjdad

    Would like a new xeno to add to our collection!!!

  • footer51

    Our travel team could use this!! A beautiful bat!!

  • TracyAnderton

    She’s always wanted a xeno!

  • KaitlynMoore

    LOVE everything about this bat, and would love to have it.

  • bennygalvan

    I’ve been waiting for Xeno to produce a -11 fastpitch softball bat. My daughter would love this bat!!!

  • SharonHuitt

    Heard it is a great bat. Would love to win this for my daughter. Maybe this is just what she needs to smash one out of the park!

  • TammiKruegerBakos

    Would love to try the xeno!

  • RunFreeFinn

    I love my 2013 Xeno but I’d really love a new 2015 one!

  • JeffKelley

    The girls on my team would love this.

  • MattSawyer

    Xeno hits Rockets! I’m in to win – Good luck all!

  • lfdengineco7

    broke fireman would love to win this to surprise my 12 year old daughter!!

  • lorikuper13

    My daughter loves the look and sound of the Xeno, she has a CF6 Insane now.  would love to have this one! thanks for a great show!

  • LaurynnAmburgey

    Would love to have this bat. Loving the pop and quality of the Xeno and hoping it continues with this bat!

  • HeatherRae

    You rock. This is awesome!

  • ckbccobb

    I am a single mom of 2 girls who play.. I would love to win one for both of them! But winning atleast one would be awesome! ( ps I had to sign up so this should be my first registration to win FYI)

  • Chigbie

    We would love to have the new Zeno! My 12 yo daughter has out grown her Louisville Slugger Dynasty!
    Thanks for the great blog,videos and giveaways!

  • Bobbyv5671

    Love this site and its articles. I find it very useful for coaching and pass it on to our team. The giveaways are a great bonus.
    Thank you! Bobby V.

  • ArtMorrison

    CF6 Insane  and  2015 Xeno the bat bag would be rocking!!

  • bermudezjj

    We Hit a Mako and want to see if the Xemo is a better bat!

  • Jldy480

    Love the Xeno

  • Jldy480

    Love Xeno

  • madisynhendley0214

    Love the Xeno bats! They just keep getting better 🙂

  • eskrobarcek

    I like the fact that the 2015 is available in a -11.

  • MonicaStewart

    Really wanna win this bat !!! Thanks!!

  • JayPeoples1

    Love Xeno

  • Me and my team from The Netherlands love the xeno bat! They don’t sell them over here.

  • onedown

    Great Bat!

  • denisenlim

    My daughter would love this bat!!!  Would be her very first XENO 🙂

  • TexasSparafucile

    My daugther was too small to swing the blue or all purple Xeno’s of the last 2 years, maybe she’ll grow into this one.  Love to try it, thanks Gary.

  • OscarMuriel

    My daughter always wanted this bat but its so expensive. Please choose me so she can swing this awesome bat.

  • Brandi0124

    I would love to give this to my daughter! She loves to play softball! 🙂

  • softballmom08

    Love the sound the bat makes when in contact with the ball.  What drop does this bat have?

    Love fastpitch tv and all the articles.  Keep up the great job!!

  • TimothyNesser

    I’m a Demarini guy, but would love to win the Xeno so my daughter can prove me wrong!

  • Jerrylee92

    would love to win this bat for daughter,  playing rec ball, travel ball,  practices, would love to have the xeno to our lineup

  • Txsmash01

    Would love to try it

  • JenniferBrenner1

    The LS Xeno would make a fantastic birthday surprise for my daughter’s 12th birthday. Please pick us! She’s in need of a new bat.

  • rtdm66

    My daughter plays for Texas Fusion Gold 16U and needs a new bat.  She is wanting the Louisville Slugger Zeno.  I would LOVE to win it for her!!!!

  • Nekiah Tucker

    I would love to win this bat it would probably give me better results in my hitting

  • JaimeMaddox

    We have the 2013 Xeno and love it! I would really love to win this bat for my daughters.

  • coach ernie

    I love your show!!! I really love the new Xeon it would be a nice gift for my daughters 16th birthday, she is a die hard softball player, please pick us,

  • sarahsmom

    My daughter would love this bat.  Thank you so much for offering it as a prize!

  • Hayli_jay

    This would be perfect for me 🙂

  • TriciaPenaReynolds

    My daughter would surely enjoy this bat!

  • Themox69

    My daughter plays for Illinois Esprit 14U. She uses and has always used the DeMarini and is currently hitting a HR about every 14 at bats. The Xeno has always intrigued me and she has always wanted to try one. unfortunately we just cant afford it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • PhillipHargis

    my daughter used last years model in practice yesterday and loved it from the first swing would love to win it for her i will be the greatest dad on earth lol

  • Jadziah HM

    I want this bat sooo bad. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  • Catcher_Kayla_30

    I love the Xeno bats! It’s awesome to have a chance to win the new Xeno!

  • KHadaway

    Would love to surprise my daughter with a new bat!

  • twistedwhitty

    Great site Gary! Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it for sure!!!

  • MellissaCasey

    We love Xeno bats!

  • JParish5

    My daughter has 2013 & 2014 Xeno bat & would love this one!!

  • Mayor980

    My daughter would love to have this. She has been playing since 6u. I noticed she hits further with the more expensive bats.
    This would be greatest birthday gift ever!!! Thank you for videos.

  • wldangel

    This would be perfect for my daughter. She plays 12U league right now.

  • Dnkdavis

    i love fastpitch TV. great articles, advice for our girls on everything Softball and these great promotions as well!! this would be a wonderful surprise for my daughter!! she just had another giant growth spurt! crossing my fingers and toes!!

  • EmilyFriese

    I would love a new bat for school softball and travel for next year!

  • davechuey

    My daughter could use a new bat.

  • dnjduran

    My daughter has a great passion for softball and has progressed so much.  We love watching her play! She never ceases to amaze us at what she can do.  She’s 12u and played up to 14u this season also hitting an over the fence homerun!

  • NicoleAcevedoBarge

    My daughter would love this bat!!! She has been playing travel for four years now and always wanted a xeno

  • Veronika_maye

    I would lve to have this bat!

  • DRN

    Great show my daughter needs a new bat

  • JustinBarley

    I would love to win this for my daughter! She has outgrown her 2012 Xeno.

  • RonicaPeters

    This would be an awesome addition to my daughters equipment bag!!!

  • DonnieFarnell

    Man my daughter is already drooling over this bat, she said just hand it over so there’s no trouble in the future Lol

  • Dp_evans

    My daughter Bree is looking to get a new bat and this would b perfect !

  • JohnnySantiago1

    Ever since my daughter (12) has been playing softball (7 years old), she has grown to be a leader among her friends, on and off the field. She even shares her 2014 Xeno bat with her teammates so that they can hit like her. I would love to win this bat for her to reward her unselfish acts and her leadership so that she knows how proud I am of her. Thank you Gary Leland for all you do for the sport of softball. – Johnny Santiago

  • pamelabays

    We hope to win-Pamela Bays

  • ABayley

    Xeno is one of the top bats out there.  I bet the 2015 won’t disappoint!  I’d love to see my daughters team give it a shot!

  • Mackjr82

    Xeno 2015 right here please! I’m looking forward to the fall season. The girls are on week 3 of practice…..DETERMINED!

  • Britt96Waters

    Would love to win

  • mitburd020403

    My 11y/O daughter would love this , her xeno 2013 just decided to start separating we are waiting to see if it will still be covered under warranty we are 10 past year! Thank you Mitzi Burdette

  • AdamDuncan

    All 3 of my girls swing louisville sluggers….2 xenos’ and 1 LXT.  Best bats in fastpitch today!

  • jakelly

    Would love to win this bat for Metro ball.

  • tracygardner

    My daughter likes the zenos and the lxt but she really liked the onex. Hope this one is on the same lines, if so she would love to have it.

  • psalmeron

    I have 2 daughters and they have to share the bat… I hope we get to win this AMAZING Xeno!!

  • Amberley Cross

    I love softball!

  • aapodaca62300

    I play travel ball softball I am on the 14U Team NC (Light). We just switched organizations from the Weddington Outlaws. I have 6 siblings and I would love this bat! I have a Xeno and a Demarini right now and definitely like the Xeno more! This bat seems like it would be a great fit for me!
    -Afton Apodaca

  • RichardRobinson2

    My daughter loves her Zeno she has now, and would love to be able to use the newest bat you have . She is 14 and playing on a 16U ball.

  • Rlongo5899

    Great Bat, and overall products in general  My daughter currently uses the 2013 model as well as LS Catcher’s gear.  Good Stuff.

  • Gerg3148

    The biggest hitters I coach swing the xeno!! Would love to add another to the roster.

  • bernie nauroth

    One XENO for me please. love your blog.

  • lorna211

    I’m Lorna Colberg and I play for a 14u travel team out of Lancaster PA, the lady stormers. I’ve tried Demarini and easton, but I’ve always wanted to try a LS Xeno. Maybe this will make me hit even more home runs. 😉 but in all seriousness, I’d love this bat!

  • amyt2060

    My daughter has been begging for one of these!

  • adam trayah

    This looks great, I think you guys might have out done yourself this time.

  • RayTripamer

    This is a nice looking bat.  A hitter’s dream!

  • KellyLangPaulson

    My daughter has been dying to get one of these…working hard with her hitting coach to make it happen!

  • ChristopherNolan

    got her hands on a 2014 model  and now that all she keeps asking for little help please THANK YOU

  • getdirty03

    I would be Dad of the year if I won this for my daughter!

  • SandiKaiser

    We have been fans of Louisville back when I was playing ball!   This is the hot bat and my daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win it!!!! Fastpitch Rules!

  • eveflorida

    I wanted to get the 2014 model but couldn’t afford it, so the new model would be great 🙂

  • Tom Kennedy MS

    The Louisville Slugger Xeno hits bombs. is da bomb!

  • egld97

    Would love the 2015 model.   Very excited they are creating a -11 version!!!

  • JenniferGross

    My players loved the Xeno this year. The new model would be a great addition to the bag!

  • Brannonmcmahon

    We love the Xeno! It seems to just get better and better every year

  • DaraClouse

    Thank you for explaining the specifics of the this bat. My summer team loves swinging Louisville Slugger bats!!!

  • KamsDad

    The greatest thrill I have as a father is watching my 14 year old daughter play softball!  A Xeno in the hands of a well trained hitter is a memory maker!  Thanks Gary!

  • JoeShaw

    The Xeno is a great “hot” bat right out of the wrapper.  Love it

  • jtfrady

    My daughter NEEDS this bat

  • shylos10

    Fastpitch.TV rocks!!

  • Jeanna Johnson

    We ♥Xenos and Gary Leland!!!

  • Lauren Deaton

    love this bat! Swung every model since they first came out, all I need is this one!

  • Softballdad80

    My daughter would love this bat! They are def the hot bats out there right now

  • PamelaLivermore

    130 years of experience is valuable, would love to see my daughter try it out. Switch hitting to a non-dominant hand, extra power is a good thing! Thanks for the opportunity-The Livermore’s.

  • jazzymojo

    I would love to win this bat for my daughter. She has been using Louisville Slugger bats for a few years now. This is an awesome offer. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • LoCoCowboy

    I’ve got three travel players and any one of them would love this bat. Thanks Gary for providing such a resource of materials, the videos you’ve shared from Softball Con have helped me improve as a coach. Keep it up!

  • oldone2

    My daughter would love one of these bats

  • etnivin

    I dust my cleats and take a breath
    To get me settled in
    I’m looking for that one pitch
    That can give my team the win
    I step into the chalk lined box,
    And kick a little dirt
    I pull my sleeves up and then,
    I tuck them in my shirt
    I sit down in my stance,
    And get my feet just right
    I blink my eyes for one last time,
    To adjust my sight
    I can’t hear the crowd noise,
    Or my teammates silly chant
    All my focus is right here,
    With my bat held at a slant
    The pitcher starts her windup,
    And puts her arms up overhead
    She brings them down with such a force,
    It’s like they’re filled with lead
    She swings her arm around,
    And pivots toward the plate
    Exploding from the rubber,
    At an exponential rate
    I pick up the ball, as it comes round,
    And she releases it
    I can’t believe she threw it there,
    I’m gonna get that hit
    The hit that gives my team the win,
    Off the pitch I’d hoped she’d bring
    I load my hands and shift my weight,
    I step and twist, I swing.

  • Utgrad92

    Thanks for the Pride pictures Gary!

  • ToniFarnell

    My daughter would LOVE this bat! Her current Zeno is her favorite bat and the ONLY one she uses. You guys could sure make an avid ball player very happy!

  • AlexHibbitts

    I don’t want to play golf.
    When I hit the ball I want someone else to go chase it.

  • Idania Antonio

    I love Louisville slugger bat it been my dream when I was little I will have all the collection this is how I love Louisville and I play softball I really need I bat I broke mine and I really don’t what spend my parents money I know there bat are really really expensive so I would like to get this if you are reading this thank you for time

  • Jpainters4

    ❤️ XENO ❤️

  • Tim_C_is_me

    My daughter’s first composite was a Louisville Slugger Medozza bat. It was 10U and our first tournament season. I was in awe of all the girls with these composite bats and had to have one. Would love to be picked to win one.

  • tmiller2000

    I have been wanting this bat for a while. I would love to be able to win one!

  • VegetarianSlugger14

    I’ve loved this bat from afar for a long time; it would be amazing to win it!

  • Salonika Muhammad

    I would love to get this bat. I’ve always wanted a bat of my own , but I can’t really afford a bat this awesome right now. Having this bat would change everything for me. Please pick me!

  • sjnaso

    My 12 year old daughter Faith would live to win this bat. She is becoming a very talented hitter.

  • michael lowe

    Only bat my 18 year old will use. On our 3rd bat now.

  • Lockbass

    This bat would be amazing to win!

  • Slugger12

    My daughter would love to win this awesome 2015 Xeno bat.

  • crwardog

    Sweet bat!!

  • Monae22

    My daughter used a teammates Xeno at hitting practice for the first time and really liked it!

  • tpenn69

    We have used the Xeno since 2011. The Xeno bat has helped our girls win more games than any other bat our team owns. Thanks Louisville Slugger for making top quality gear for the fastpitch sport.

  • tribesnole

    My Daughter love the xeno. She uses her friend 2013 and loves it.

  • Crazymummaq

    I’d love to swing the xeno


    My daughter has an older Xeno. She loves it! She plays U14 fastpitch travel ball. Her batting avg. is .547 with 11 homeruns in 45 games. She won’t use any other bat.

  • 77jojo77

    I have been asking for a xeno but my parents said we couldn’t afford it. It would be amazing to have one.

  • mgorges

    We would love to win a XENO!!

  • BrittneyTefteller


  • Agabaldon


  • Shanpick

    Always a slugger fan! Have and love my old Xeno would love to have a new one!

  • sk8rdad

    Oh my. Sweetness.

  • Macenace

    Hoping to win the xeno!

  • JeffDial

    Daughter and I love watching the shows.  Keep up the good work

  • Flossie12


  • jbb38501

    My daughter would love this bat. She will be going into 8 th grade this year. It will improve her chances if making the high school team.

  • 303Hawaiian

    My Daughter swings the 2014 and it’s amazing can just imagine what the 2015 will be like !!!!!

  • ToddJames1

    My daughter loves the shows.  Keep up the good work and keep the information rollin’!


    We Love everything Softball, we love xeno bats, have used 2012,2013 & 2014,our favorite has been the One X,my daughter hit her 1st over the fence Home run with that bat !!! Would love for to have 2015  to finish out her last 2 seasons of High School, Keep up FASTPITCH TV !!!!!

  • indy4earl

    I bought a 2014 Zeno last year and she slept with it for a month! ! I have to get her the 2015 & see how long she sleeps with this one! !!

  • AngieLucas

    Love all the information.  Would love to give this bat a try!

  • Joooooooones

    Xeno bats are my absolute favorite bats!!

  • MikeMilza

    My daughter plays 16U. She has become a pretty good power hitter for only her second season playing. She would love to win this bat.

  • alexisconner

    I love these bats! They come off the bag so cleanly and the pop is amazing! I would love to try the 2015 xeno.

  • Nicola_hames


  • HannahRoseKrugle

    it would be awesome to have the 2014 xeno

  • Katnichols

    Single mom would love to be her daughter’s here. She has outgrown her Xeno!

  • Katnichols

    Would love to get this Xeno for my daughter!

  • TimBrogan

    My daughter loves this bat!

  • BeckyHawkinsCallister

    We love the fast pitch softball show! Just made the All-Star team and would love to take the Xeno to state! Thanks for the great videos.

  • Keith69

    Gary thank you for the chance to win this awsome bat. And thank you for all the videos. If i have the opportunity to win this bat it will definitely get a lot of use. Thank you agin

  • NanaB7912

    Thanks for the chance to win this bat…would love to have this for my granddaughter!!

  • BradKovach

    Hi Gary! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • SofballNut15

    My daughter would love this bat!!

  • joeyfaulkner

    Great bat

  • loganfd12

    Daughter loves her 2014 Xeno….would love to have this for my other daughter!!

  • layla_keys

    My oldest daughter loves her 2014 Xeno bat! My middle daughter would love to have one too!

  • iggy24

    Great bat

  • ZoiePilgrim

    i love xend bat i have the 2011 modal and i use it all the time

  • Drking

    My daughter has been eyeing this bat ever since one of her teammates starting using it. Definitely seen its results.

  • Kryptonite5

    My daughter does city & travel softball and would love to sport this bat at her games!!

  • lorna33

    Although I don’t play any more after playing for over 20 years, the sport of softball will always be in my heart. It is so inspiring to see how far the sport has come and how excited all the girls are while watching the College World Series and dreaming of being there. My niece is one of those girls who put in so much time and work in hitting, pitching, catching, fundamentals and being a student on top of that. I would love to be able to gift her this bat as recognition for her all of her hard work and determination as a player, student, and being an awesome child.

  • queencarrasco

    My daughter would love this bat!

  • Ssimmen

    My daughter has been talking about this bat and I would LOVE to win it for her!

  • Clmaxwell7

    Have a broken 2013 xeno from so much use. Would love to start over with a 2015

  • mjzwheeler

    My daughter would love to have her own bat, right now she uses the team bat….cuz I’m a single mother and just can’t afford a good bat for her!!! She has alway loved the xeno bat that her team mat has!!!

  • Joembaca93

    I would love to surprise my high school team I coach with a new Xeno bat. They deserve it.

  • gavincarlisle09

    Would love to get this bat for my daughter!!!!

  • LarryBrown1

    Sounds like a great bat. Would love to win one for my daughter

  • MitziClarkDunagan

    My daughter would love to have this bat!!!

  • MadSmith4

    I would LOVE to be able to have this bat for my senior year!

  • MightyMouse6

    There’s nothing like hearing the sound of a softball expload off a XENO as it soars through the air 200 feet!

  • o4murph

    My daughters 2013 barely has any paint left on it.  this would be a great bat for her now that she will be moving to 14u.  Great website. Thanks

  • kgbustle14

    I want this bat sooo bad! I have had the 2013 Xeno for over a year! I love it! I was very impressed.

  • freddwagner

    My daughter loves her 2013 getting a little worn. I will say this it has the craziest sound at contact. like the NON white grip tape this year

  • Zoe___

    I love softball and I am goin to be a freshman next year, I would love this bat to start off the season!!

  • 00BevanH

    Sounds like a great bat!  I just broke (had some help) the end cap off of my bat (not a Louisville Slugger).  Would love to have this bat and share with those whose bats I am using.  I know that the past Xeno’s are hot and would only expect this one to be the same or better!
    Thank you for this chance!

  • iluvkjal

    Louisville Sluggers are the best.

  • Crazy8

    I’m sure another great bat from Louisville Slugger! Thanks for keeping everybody up to date on the great new products coming out!

  • macvinmom

    This would be to coolest “way to go” surprise for my going into 12u daughter after coming back from the World Series in Florida!!  Fingers crossed! It would go great with her new LS catcher gear…which by the way is an awesome set of gear, she loves it!!

  • BrianBloesch

    My daughter would love to have this bat in her arsenal!!!! Keep up the good work Gary!!!!

  • Httaylor

    I want a Louisville Slugger bat so bad! It’s the best bat out there

  • RonKruse

    Our varsity softball team had one good bat last year, a xeno, at districts the ump decided arbitrarily that it had excessive vibration and threw it out. That was a tough psychological blow to our team, we need a new xeno!

  • GregPadgett

    My daughter current bat is the 2014 Xeno, which she loves. It would awesome to win the new 2015 Xeno for her.

  • bslerback

    My daughters have been hooked on the LS brand since they got the 2012 Xeno. My oldest went on to play in college and my youngest is heading off to college next year and could sure use a new XENO

  • davebuhler76

    Would be great for my girl!

  • murphy12

    Xeno Bat is the best. I would love to have one of my own. I play on the Medford NJ Renegades and would love to upgrade my game with a Louisville Slugger Xeno

  • Medeiros1248

    My daughter would love a new bat!

  • JamieWhite1

    I don’t have a bat and I really need one I’m turning 14 on July 14 and it would be an amazing birthday present! I’ve been wanting this bat for a couple weeks now and I really want it and my mom said it’s too much money for her to pay so I would love to win this contest,thank you!

  • VASlappers

    Our team could use a new bat for the fall.

  • GrayGranite

    Hoping to win that new Xeno!

  • bambam2009

    My sister would love to have this bat.

  • The Xeno bat is my 16 year old daughters favorite bat of all time.  As a matter of fact we still have Louisville Slugger bats in our bat bag (not Xeno) that have lasted ans still pop year in and year out.  Bailey would love to have the 2015 model, if it is as good or better than the 2013 and 2014 models it will surely be a hit once again. Bailey uses the Xeno and is hitting .483 BA, .540 OB%, .692 SLG and a 1.232 OPS, this is proof the Xeno series packs a PUNCH !!

  • Voodoo_ranch

    My daughter loves her Xeno!


    I  NEED THIS BAT!!!!!!

  • martinolaves

    Much appreciated for these opportunities.

  • tenagee

    Thank you for sharing and giving the chance to win

  • KylenRay

    This would be an awesome surprise for my sister

  • Rsvolley

    I love and Louisville Slugger!!

  • duanashubby

    I have a daughter playing 10u all stars. She is a hitter and this bat would make her even better. Thanks Gary for all you do to help the softball world. Your videos have help me a ton transitioning from baseball thinking to softball.

  • _alllyssa

    i love softball!!

  • ViolaGaray

    Would love to win this for my daughter!

  • GUsriley

    My Daughter Jessica is working to be the next Sarah Finck here in central Illinois!

  • KimMaddox

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a new Xeno bat!!

  • arose5

    I have had the 2013 Xeno and the 2014 Xeno. They have both been my favorite bat I have ever had or seen. My 2013 Xeno was the best and then it broke, I was heart broken, then with my warranty, I got the 2014 Xeno and I love it as well. I have been waiting to see what the new 2015 Xeno would look like and when I saw it while watching the Women’s College World Series, I started flipping out and knew I wanted it to be my next bat! Thank you for this opportunity to win this bat!

  • Bjack325

    I was just looking at this bat at a local batting cage…demo a girl was soon to use. It be nice to give daughter who just graduated from 5th to 6th grade! MIDDLE SCHOOL BALL Begins!

  • Softball Dad

    This bat would be the perfect gift for my daughter. She’s moving up to 18U next year and has always wanted one.

  • Melissa34

    Please pick me! my old bat got stolen and I would love to have this bat. Please pick me 🙂 love the show!

  • coachjon534

    Hey Gary, last years bat was all over tournaments and the results were obvious… girls were crushing the ball with it.  My daughter is going into high school and won’t stop talking about this bat.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bgrave21

    Hello Gary, I like the new color and the sound of xeno bats during tournaments.
    S/O to

  • DiamondTime

    The 2014 Xeno is a great bat. Can’t wait to see what LS did to improve it with the 2015 model. Enjoy!

  • esnipes27

    I LOVE SOFTBALL!!! #27

  • Rebeccazinn

    My daughter swings last years model and adores your bat! She would love the new one! Softball is her life and this would be a dream come true for her!!!!

  • Emilydf277

    I’m number 27 too

  • TrinityCoach_00

    My daughter and I love watching your shows. She has learned a lot in the past year. She is also in need of a new bat and this one would be perfect for her.

  • Todd Putnam

    Great shows Gary – my players, parent and I love the Fastpitch information pipeline as well as the discounts and deals you and your staff provide – keep up the good work! We would love to utilize this as a “Team Bat” for our team!

  • ericmsi

    Great shows!

  • rachelmillsaps

    Loving everything about this new bat!!

  • futureformerfatman

    Great Bat!  Hope my daughter gets a chance to swing it!!!!

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    My daughter would love to win this bat!  She plays right now for her high school team and plays many different positions.  I would be extremely happy just to see her smile if she wins!

  • dfriese

    I love coaching first base and would love to win this bat for my daughter!

  • pohljoe

    Louisville makes great bats.

  • kjtoelke

    My daughter is in need of a new bat and this would be great.  Her old one has no “pop” left so she needs a Slugger  to come to “momma”.

  • Hailey02

    I would love to have the new Louisville slugger bat because I play 14u travel ball and I am in real need of a new bat.

  • gargo47

    Come on baby needs a new pair of……well a bat will suffice. Thank you for a all the great info.

  • ss43

    This new xeno looks soooooo awesome! I’m dying to have this bat!

  • KaliBerrigan

    Come on momma needs a new Bat

  • KaliBerrigan

    Come on momma needs a new bat!

  • maxford

    Nice looking bat. Cool technology. Wish my daughter had one.

  • FeliciaCalton

    Great looking bat!!! Louisville Slugger makes a great bat! That is ALL my girls will own or swing!!’

  • GracieCalton

    I love Louisville slugger bats I had the 2012 xeno loved it until someone stole it

  • ChloeCalton

    Would love yo have bat love the show

  • DCBraun

    Thanks for the show Gary, love all the great videos! My daughter could really use this bat,
    I got her a 2014 Xeno 33 -8 at the advise of her
    former coach but it’s too heavy for her, I should have gotten a 34 -10 instead. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Softball mom 10

    I love watching my daughter play! Hope to win her this bat!

  • LCatcher

    I really would like to get a hold of this bat. I was able to use a team mates Xeno and loved it.

  • Robgienger

    Would love to see if this bat would give my daughter the extra 10 feet needed for her 1st HomeRun.

  • JasonShannaHamby

    I would love for my daughter to win this bat. She has been using her current bay for past two years and is in need of a new one, but bats r so expensive.

  • rssoftball9

    Softball is amazing and my friend has this bat and loves it.

  • thompsonashton5

    I would love to have this bat for my 2015 season.

  • QmmomThompson

    My daughter has the 2012 and would love to try the 2015 🙂

  • Fosterkm5

    My 9yr old is going to begin playing this fall and would be proud to swing the best! (not to mention is her favorite color)  😉

  • teddletonmr

    Abby loves her M2 pride and wants to step up to a 31-inch 2015 Zeno this year.

  • aaronbritton

    would love to win this for my daughter!

  • fastpitch00

    I would really want this bat

  • gcbosox64

    Have 2 girls swinging the’14 with great results. Nice solid contact. Shhh,they think its the bat but in reality they have a good coach(not me) a ’15 would be a good prize for a hitting contedt between the two

  • softball23

    Hey Gary!
    I’ve been playing softball all my life and extremely love the game, but never got the chance to own
     a composite bat like this because they are expensive. I’d really love to 
    have one for when I tryout for the team in high school. 
    I absolutely love watching your shows, and it would
    be such a pleasure to win this bat!!!
    Thanks so much for this opportunity! (:

  • BrandonCaro

    My daughters really want this Xeno, thanks for the opportunity

  • Ugablevinsdawgs

    Love the way this bat sounds when it smashes a softball. My daughter would love to swing one!

  • softballmomma14

    My daughters would absolutely love to be able to swing this bat at their next game.

  • softballqueenkc

    I love Xenos! They’re my favorite bat of all time. First at bat that I used one in a game I hit a home run.

  • wde427

    My daughter love the xeno bat and would love to have the new one.

  • dbarogers

    Been wanting this bat for my daughter for a long time. I’ve seen it in action and it’s impressive!

  • jimbolowe

    My daughter has been swinging a DeMarini for three years…have heard good things about the Xeno.

  • ChelseaJohnson1

    I LOVE THIS BAT AND WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW ONE!!!!! plus it’s my teams colors

  • basketballgal42

    Love Softball would Love to win the bat to help my game!

  • Gail Vaughn

    Fabulous! It looks great, my girls would love to have it!

  • AshleyClark

    I would love this bat, my last bat cracked

  • Justin McComas

    Louisville Xeno is the elite fastpitch bat!  The 2015 is sure to make some heads turn, as they watch the softball clear the fence.

  • wirednut

    GO Xeno!!

  • JeremyHouse

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She is a first time select player at 14u. So a bat like this would help her confidence.

  • Kochise

    Looks like another great bat!

  • Gene Martin

    My 10u softball team would love to have a new 2015 XENO to share this year

  • softballchick

    Xeno is the primo!

  • kaylanels13

    Always been a huge fan of the Xeno family. Would love to start off my varsity junior year sporting this beauty.

  • MattP9

    LS is a great sponsor to my daughter’s 12U team and she would love to get a 2015 Xeno!  Her 2014 has been a great bat this year.

  • BChristley

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of the hottest bats in softball. This bat would help my daughter’s confidence at the plate.

  • nitabonita

    i would love to get this i need a new bat

  • kikkergirl38

    My daughter would love to own this bat.  She currently is using a older one.

  • softballgirl12

    I tried this bat yesterday and it was perfect for me. Really need this bat

  • squirrelrocks

    I have been my daughter’s rec coach for 5 years, and now she is moving on to travel ball.  I would love to reward her with a quality bat like this.  Thank you for the contest.

  • jilliex0

    I’ve been using Easton and Demarini bats since I started playing, I’d love to try something different!

  • h4ileynic0le

    i would love this bat!!!

  • shann0nM

    This is an amazing bat!!!!! I would love to have one!!!!!

  • FireIce13

    Louisville Sluggers are top of the line !!!

  • Jcash2319

    My daughter would love to have this bat we ordered a cf7 and have yet to receive it she would love to have a chance to win this on. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win a great bat.

  • wizardsdad

    This would be a great bat for my daughter to have as she enters high school this fall. Have seen the 2014 all over this summer and I’m sure the new one will be just as good if not better.

  • Bandrus

    My daughter would love to take this bat to college with her next month!

  • fivebills

    Louisville Slugger! Nothing else needs to be said about them.  Keep up with the great work with videos Gary. I have learned a lot form those I’ve been able to watch especially Bill Hillhouse. I like his attitude.


    My DD would love to swing this Xeno  for her first year of HS.
    Thank you Gary for your website.

  • mjm8880

    I would love to have this bat for the HS team I coach! Thanks for having such a great website for softball!

  • SoniaRose1118

    Great Bat!! A few girls have the 2014 model on my team and love it. Would love to get this in my daughters hands! Thanks for all the free stuff and softball info!!

  • shemwella

    I’ve seen girls hit with xeno would like my daughter to have one!

  • hnhardaway

    I love my 2013 zeno but really love this new one!!

  • hnhardaway

    I have the 2012 zeno but its getting too short would love to get a new one but to win one would be even better!

  • hnhardaway

    *2012 zeno

  • NatalieMaurice

    I have had previous versions of the Xeno bat and absolutely love how they preform. I have been looking forward to the 2015 model and hope that I will be able to use it coming into a very important 2015 season for me

  • Taylor_berry_

    Xeno bats are my favorite and I haven’t got one in so long so if I won it, it would be a dream come true because I have big tournaments and showcases coming up.

  • Coachbroker

    I have been waiting for my daughter to get to try a Xeno. Thanks for the chance!

  • Joe Yamamoto

    Aloha Gary!
    Commenting from Hawaii.  My wife and I were able to purchase a 2012 Xeno for my daughter in high school two years ago.  We also have a second daughter that is entering high school this year.  She has been bugging us about buying her a 2015 Xeno.  Unfortunately, we had to buy a second hand CF6 that we could afford.  I can not imagine how she would react if she got her 2015 Xeno.
    Mahalo nui,

  • Coachpop

    My high school softball team would love the Xeno bat. We are a small school with limited budget. The girls never get high performance bats. It would be nice upgrade from what they have. Thank you for the opportunity

  • Laurendelgiudice

    Xeno bats are the best and I’m happy you are giving the chance to give one out! It would a wonderful opportunity to have a 2015 Xeno in my hands.
    Thank you,

  • Jamie H

    We Love Fastpitch.TV and we love Xeno! What a combination


    I am finally hooked. the softball BUG has bit me.  After a bout 3 years in the sport, my daughter was selected for All-Star travelling team.  Now that we are playing with more skilled players, I understand the importance of good equipment.  Her coach allowed her to use the team’s 2012 Xeno and I saw how better she did.  It would be great to be able to share the 2015 Xeno with her team..  By the way, is AWESOME..

  • amymontavon

    Just found your show on you tube and love it! Would love to win this bat for my 12 year old daughter. She currently has a zypher mendozet bat, we’re wanting to move to a higher quality softball bat and the xeno is amazing. I also have a 8 year old daughter that plays and is a big hitter so the bat will get double use 🙂 thanks for the chance to win a new bat for my girls!
    Amy Montavon

  • tortoise418

    Awesome bat!!!!! Best on the market!! Would love to win this!

  • sthomson02

    I’ve been watching the show and it’s very helpful. I do need a new bat soon and this one is the one I’ve been looking for.

  • MakaylaLivingston

    I’ve been playing softball since I was 5 , I have so much passion for it, it’s an everyday job of an athlete. It’s not just about showing up to the field and playing you have to put the time in, eat right, and work out. I have gone through a lot of bats in the past 10 years of my life, but ever since I got the 2013 xeno I couldn’t turn to any other bat. I’ve been begging my dad for this bat before it even came out in stores and I would be the happiest girl in the world if I got it. As a softball player I don’t look forward to anything else in the world than getting a new bat. I love Xenos and I love the game of softball. I couldn’t picture myself swinging any other bat.
    Thank you for your time and reading this it means a lot that you even are looking at it!!

  • GTElite22

    I have only been playing for 2 summers. I had the opporitunity to pick my own bat and I picked a 2012 xeno. I picked the 2012 xeno because I heard a lot of good things about it. So when I was going into my second season I purchased the 2014 xeno. I would really like the 2015 xeno because I am growing out of my 2012 xeno. I have played 1 year of 12u and I’m now moving up to 14u and I am only 12 years old

  • Burgs

    We would love to try the XENO…many other girls use them on our team.. we are currently using a Easton
    Gotta love FastpitchTV!!

  • JoeySolis

    My daughter would love to have the new 2015 Xeno bat!!! She already loves her 2013 Xeno but she really wants the new 2015 Xeno. Good luck to everyone!!

  • NavyTechVet

    I would love to be able to get one for my daughter and her travel team!

  • ScottLee1

    my daughter needs a new bat her 2013 xeno broke love the xeno very hot bats

  • gesmyser

    We would love to win the bat!!

  • lexiekoger24lk

    Hiya, there! I have been playing softball since I was 5! I am 15, almost 16!  Thats about 11 years of softball! I love the sport with all my heart and i dont know what id do without it! I’ve been really sick with a cancerous mass on my lung the past  year or so. Its sort of gone now, but  It has made it very hard for me to play the sport that i love! I have always been told that “Winners never quit and Quitters never Win!”.So, no matter how much pain im in or how sick i am, i have never stopped playing the sport I love.  It would be an honor to win the 2015 Xeno bat! I just hope and pray that I win!(:

  • gmaldonado77

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. My daughter has reached the stage where she takes time to pick out a bat and knows what she likes. The Louisville slugger brand has been good me and my family for generations. Hope to see this in my daughters bat bag this year.

  • Lovesoftballrocks13

    Thanks!! You have help me improve my game at softball.

  • prattdiamonds

    My daughter’s 10u team just lost a State championship against a team using this bat. We had played this team three times this season but, this final game, with this bat definitely put them over the top offensively. I’d love for my daughter and her team to have the opportunity to come out making our infield hits into outfield smashes!

  • KGLaPlante

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the hottest bat of the year! This would be a great Birthday gift for my 11 yr old and just in time for Fall Ball.

  • reddevil2

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the hottest bat of the year! This would be a great Birthday gift for my 12 old and just in time for Fall Ball.

  • AaronVaughn

    First time on your site, going to start coaching this fall. Your site has a lot of good training info for me as a new coach. Would love to teach my girls to hit with this bat. Thanks for the chance to win the bat and keep the info coming.

  • malina1111

    Please pick I would love u forever

  • brenda12390

    Just now stumbled upon your site…… First time watching, love the videos. Very well done!!!!!! I’d love to win the bat, but will definitely be watching past and future shows. Wish I would have found you sooner, but you have a watcher for life now.

  • softballlife

    Can I just say this is amazing what you guys are doing. A NEW BAT who could ask for more I love softball without softball their would be nothing I’ve been playing since I was 3 but u don’t have money for a new bat I’ve been sick with the same one for 3 years and I would really think this is   a protunity  for me really . I really need this cause with out a bat their is no softball and with softball theirs a bat if I don’t win this I don’t know what I going to do for fall ball I just discovered your website an I absolutly love it I was a catcher but due to ur pitching videos I am getting accepted into a travel league pitcher who would of thought?!? Anyway if I one this it would be the biggest thing I could really ever ask for I am a new veiwer and I told my softball coach about this and every w ends day me and my team meet on the softball field and watch a bunch of ur episodes so this wouldn’t be a bat for me it would be  a bat for everybody on my team so it’s like your giving away 13 bats but really one this would be a huge honor and would put a smile on my face everyday please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please pick me thank you and have great day I will stay tuned for more episodes

  • Bri03

    I would love this bat.  My team Xeno is hot!

  • minivan momma

    My daughter is moving up and could really use an upgrade to her Jessica Mendoza.

  • sbmama

    My daughter has a 2012 Xeno and it just started making a rattling sound and we have been looking at the new 2015 Xeno, she wants no other bat. What a great way to surprise her with a winning bat to start her new season after her nerve reconstruction surgery on her leg on July 29th.  Louisville fan for life!

  • clayton heavner

    This bat looks awesome seen a 2014 model and it hit great wish I could afford one for my daughter

  • hholloway10

    Awesome Bat!!!

  • jcpan9697

    Great looking bat. Please pass the soup this way. Love the shows

  • Jcp1406

    Best show to get all fastpitch info you need to know. One of my top shows was the one showing how teams prepare just before gametime. Great job! Keep the info coming!

  • kell4

    Great looking bat, awesome show

  • deleted_55242157_Amber Austin

    Awesome bat I want send it this way!!!

  • Court 12

    Great bat I want it! !!!

  • Monae22 You are the winner of this months contest. Please send me an email at and I will tell you how to claim your bat.

  • Monae22  You are the winner of this months contest. Please send me an email at and I will tell you how to claim your bat.

  • Monae22

    “WOW, I won! Thanks Fastpitch TV”

  • Summernicole99

    I have the 2015 Zeno and it’s a great bag I would love to have the 2015 to have another great season of hitting with the help of a great bat.

  • JP Hargrove

    Would love for my daughter to roll into the fall season with a new bat to warm up for spring. She’s hit well with her Mendoza bat and it’s time for an upgrade. We would love to keep it in the Louisville family!!!

  • ViolaGaray

    Daughter would love this bat!

  • Fastpitch dad

    Zeno bats are the best . My daughter just received her first xeno and what a difference it made. Love it 2012 bat but a 15 would be better.

  • softballmom08


    the winner was Monae22 ..  I was thinking this was the one for August.  Maybe we will win next time 🙂

  • Burgs

    This would be nice a treat  to win..Thanks for all you do Gary!!

  • blmoon

    Would love to see my daughter swinging this bat!

  • Coolsprings

    My daughter would hit super with one of these bats. Please

  • fastpitchmama

    My daughter has seen the college girls using this bat and would love a chance to hit like the big girls.  Please pick her.  She eats, sleeps and dreams about softball.  It is her life.  Gary thanks for giving someone that can’t afford to purchase one on their a chance to win this awesome bat.

  • kjtoelke

    I bought a used 2013 Xeno and my daughter (11) went crazy over it! She even took it to bed with her that night. With a new one she may take it everywhere with her. Would be great to see her reaction if she won!

  • bernie nauroth

    would love to win this bat now that fall ball has started.

  • kshghowell

    My daughter would love this!

  • kshghowell

    My daughter would LOVE this!

  • awarnix

    My daughter would love to have this bat. She has been asking for it for a while now

  • JasonShannaHamby

    My daughter would love to have a new bat in time for her birthday.

  • NCSoftball

    It would be great to win the bat.  Either way the show is great.  Lots of information from expert coaches and players.

  • gargo47

    I would love to be able to give my daughter such a nice bat.


    love the videos …and all the update on all new bats

  • Joy wheeley

    My daughter try’s very hard at playing softball and is truly a dedicated player. She would so love to use so a wonderful bat. Thanks for allowing us a chance to win such a great bat.

  • NJ Heat03

    My daughter would love to win this bat Happy Holidays

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    My daughter has never owned a Louisville Slugger bat and winning this for her would be a great surprise.  She definitely needs it.  Merry Christmas!

  • MariaCabreraMorales

    My daughter has never owned a Louisville Slugger bat and winning this for her would be a great surprise.  She definitely needs it.  Merry Christmas!

  • swensonrock74

    Very nice bat.  My daughters would love to have it.:)

  • gesmyser

    My kids team would love this bat…

  • pat_gillies

    My granddaughter is in need of a new bat this year to kick off her high school softball years. We’ve compared many bats from the louisville xeno to lxt and many others. The only way she could tell which one worked out best for her was by swinging the bats. She used her teammate’s bats to compare. She told me that she would definitely appreciate the xeno because she loves the pop and the feedback from the hit.

  • taylorae7

    I’ve been using passed down bats from my aunt. They’re from 2002-2006 I believe. One of them has cracks and the other one just isn’t cutting it out for me anymore. Everyone has gotten so much more competitive with hitting and I’m not. I would love to have this bat so I can be an awesome hitter instead of a good hitter. 🙂

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  • MariaCabreraMorales

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    daughter’s birthday which is coming up in July.I pray and hope that I win this beautiful 2015 Louisville Slugger Xeno
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    We have been Easton fans for quite some time.  Other players have these bats but I’m not convinced yet.  My daughter shows success with what she has. I would guess that a free bat would give us some time to work with it and not have to pay for a bat that she might not like.  Plus we could gift it to to someone else who is already a fan if need be.

    Does it come in 33/23?

    Thank you for your time.