Win A 2014 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Softball Bat

The seventh episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a 2014 Axe Avenge fastpitch softball bat from Baden Sports. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a 2014 Axe Avenge fastpitch softball bat from Baden Sports. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

Here are some features of the 2014 Axe Avenge Fastpitch Softball Bat From Baden Sports.

Patented AXE handle
2-piece construction
Elongated Plus-Plus™ Composite barrel profile delivers larger sweet spot!
2 1/4″ diameter
Balanced with enough end-load for greater mass at contact
Engineered hitting zone for one-sided hitting
ASA certified – NCAA approved for 2014
One year warranty
30-day money back guarantee! If you don't love the Axe, return it within 30 days, no questions asked.

The Axe handle is hailed as a breakthrough by players and coaches from youth leagues to the pros. With an ergonomic design to fit your hands, the Axe handle shape gives you a better grip with less tension and delivers many important benefits through your swing.

Watch this episode and learn how to enter the contest for a chance to win this months prize. The winners name will be posted on January the 25th.

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  • ALNoble5

    love your give aways!  My daughter is 15 and has started filling out the college questionnaires and would love to swing a new bat this spring!  Thank you for your show!

  • cguillaume

    Am I first? Thanks for showing this bat, never heard of it but like the idea

  • EarlSoftballMom

    Awesome looking bat.  Love the ax handle design–makes sense!  Thanks for running this contest.

  • sker28

    Completely intrigued by this bat! Nice presentation, and thanks for the cool contests.

  • pfinley

    Nice product. Would love to try it!

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  • McGookin

    This is one of those products that I think has a lot of potential.  I just would like my daughter to be able to try one first.

  • ShawnArnold


  • Jr Corrales

    Wow! This bat looks awesome. As an assistant coach I would love to win this and try it out as well as have my team try it out.

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    Paul Bunyan now up to bat

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    Nice comparison with  real axe. Makes a lot of sense.

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    Love Fastpitch TV and your giveaways!

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    Love fastpitch tv, and my daughter would love to get this bat!
    Thanks for the opportunity to try to win it!

  • Burgs

    Didn’t win the LXT so why not try for this awesome Axe Avenge!!!

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    I would love to win an awesome Axe Avenge for my daughter

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    I love the free stuff show! Haven’t got any free stuff yet tho!

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    Does it have all the correct markings if an umpire or another objects to the bat?

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  • EASoftballdadDino

    every tree in our yard has cut marks from using the ax while teaching not to roll wrists. im impressed they have finally created a bat handle like this. we love the show and love the pitching tips! with the help of my daughter has progressed amazingly!. hope to get this bat because she knows how to swing an ax!

  • Angela Laabs

    I love this bat! It will give me the leverage to move up to the next level.

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    That would be perfect for my daughter!  She has a great swing but I think this would take her to the next level!

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  • Softballer

    Bummed I didn’t win the lxt but never give up. Would absolutely love this bat

  • OscarMuriel

    Been looking for a great bat for my daughter. Please choose me

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    New concept,great idea! Awesome,great site! My 11 year old would love! Keep the great work! This site rocks!

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    BIG fan of the Baden baseball bats. I’m sure this is just as impressive!

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    Well my daughter kept hacking my phone to win the last bat so well try to win this one
    Thanks again for the sponsors and these chances to win quality equipment jk

  • Hahaha_2510

    I love softball! I usually hit with an easton or mizuno! But I love the handle on this!

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    My 9 y.o. daughter thinks this is an awesome bat!!  She has begged me to comment for her all morning!  Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • scottyk

    I live in Hawaii and coach high school softball for one of the outer islands (Kauai)  A rep came to the basball field a couple years ago, but only had baseball bats and was supposed to contact me about softball bats.  I have not seen him since and thought they did not have a fast pitch line of bats.  I liked the feel of the axe handle and the bat in the video looks nice.  Our school allows the purchase of one bat a year, so I will have to wait until next year 2015 to look into buying a baden axe bat.

  • paola17

    Great giveaway! Hopefully this bat will belong to me

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    My team is going to some more harder tonaments this year,I can’t wait for the ball to sail out into the outfield,from the fast pitchers hand!! – Bronson’s daughter:)

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  • JuanMavridis

    I love the idea, nice ergonomics. Has ASA approved the nob design? What about NCAA?

  • JenniferP24

    Really love the style and thought put into the design. Would love to win it for my 13 yr old daughter! She loves the sport as much as i do and would just love tis bat.

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    Keep up the good work! I would love to deliver this bat to my 13 year old before the season gets underway.

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    The bat looks great. I would love for my daughter to use it for the upcoming season.

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    Wish me luck and win this bat…

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    Might be just the trick for my daughter!  Would love to give it a try!

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    This bat really caught my attention and is something I really want to try out. Would be great to bring this bat to Canada for super-series A events. Would turn a lot of heads, and give plenty of exposure. Oh yeah and my daughter would love it, my niece would enjoy it, and my cat would adore it..

  • robrea

    Would love to see how this bat works!!!

  • Maddog10

    Thanks for the informative information on the AXE bat.  Checked out their home site today, great stuff.  Defiantly will be tuning in to Fastpitch TV more often.

  • Burgs

    The handle on this bat is very interesting and cool!!!!

  • softballmama31

    I have been wanting to buy the AXE bat for my daughter for awhile but the high school coaches for my daughter have my husband convinced that the Xeno bats are the way to go. With the money spent on her Xeno he doesn’t want to spend more money on something he has never seen anyone else use. I have a feeling my daughter would love this bat due to the handle and would love to win it for her so maybe my husband would realize its worth buying one for her and for his competitive team he coaches.  I think the girls on my husband’s competitive team would love to also try something some thing different than De Marini, Easton, or Xeno. Fingers are crossed that I win!

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    What an awesome bat.  Sure learn alot from your show!

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    Great website

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    I haven’t seen the bat in use with live pitching. Love the concept. Still have a ton of questions about it. Would love to win this so that I can see it in action for myself!

  • iluvkjal

    I have switched all 3 of my kids to the Axe Bat….2 fastpitch and 1 baseball. It has tremendously improved their batting .

  • Burgs

    can you use this in the preseson , need to get it broken in.

  • heytango11

    as a softball coach making sure my players are comfortable up there at bat is so important to be consistent, I like the idea of this bat it’s a great idea

  • Spiceman1967

    I must admit that I am a bit skeptical. The idea of the axe handle makes sense but my skepticism is on the durability of the hitting zone. I am very interested in seeing it up close.

  • Myssmae

    Hi I would love this bat for my daughter she currently a 14year old travel ball player and I would like to see what this bat can do for her ..

  • jarrett531

    I’m so ready for the 2014 season. Got all the girls ready to get out there and have a great year. thanks Gary L.

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    Love the design. My daughter has wanted to try one of these since they first came out. Thanks for having such great give a ways!!! You guys are awesome!!!

  • bear1r

    We watched the video and can’t wait to try one.

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    Have heard good things about this bat.  Would love to win it for my daughter!

  • This does look interesting, having swung an axe a few thousand times Baden may just have something.

  • KenCostello

    My daughter has an aluminum axe which she loves.  I am sure she would love this composite one even more.

  • dawndurham

    We currently use the Xeno and were considering the new c.f.6. I would love for her to use this axe.

  • TimBrogan

    Very Cool bat. My daughter would love it!

  • Sdsmith1218

    I have a training bat with an axe type handle that has done wonders to keep palm up Palm down through my daughters swing,would be awsome to take the same idea to game day!

  • Cyberyanik

    I would like to win it 🙂 very cool !!

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    Bronson’s daugter here again….. loving this bat more and more!!!!!! 🙂

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  • AxeBat

    Spiceman1967  We’ve engineered the bat specifically for one-sided hitting – and it allows us to optimally tune the hitting side of the barrel. The Avenge fastpitch bat has varied wall thicknesses and slip-planes to achieve both superior performance and durability!

  • AxeBat

    iluvkjal  Great to hear!

  • AxeBat

    sdillon So glad to hear your daughter loves the bat!

  • AxeBat

    JuanMavridis  Yes! Approved everywhere.

  • AxeBat

    scottyk  Hey there, we have a new rep out in Hawaii and he’d love to connect with you. Shoot us an email at and we’ll put you in touch.

  • AxeBat

    StephenScully  Yes! It’s approved for all levels of fastpitch, and all appropriate markings are on the bat.

  • Crazy8

    Nice common sense design, I would love to see this bat in my daughters hands to try it out!

  • catcher13

    Your videos are awesome! I would love to have this bat. The design looks so cool!

  • Love the fastpitch tv shows. Watch all the time for coaching tips. Keep’m coming can’t watch enough.

  • Burgs

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  • BerniceCamachoPerez

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  • Maureen DeGiorgio

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    Maureen DeGiorgio

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  • centralmassvoodooSB

    My daughter is currently swinging a fantastic Easton Synergy that she justly loves but due to the new regs has to part with.  Being able to offer her a Baden Axe might ease the sting. 🙂

  • PhilReath

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  • profreyes

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  • Burgs

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  • Burgs

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  • smith3488

    Love watching the girls grow playing Softball!!!  The whole team(s) could use the bat.  My daughter plays High School Ball and Select/Travel ball.  We have watch many episodes of Fastpitch TV.  Thank you for the opportunity YOU ROCK!!!!!

  • softballgirl1616

    One of my goals this season is to hit a homerun. I would love an opportunity to chop the ball over the fence with the “AXE”

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  • Burgs

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  • Chigbie

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  • Chigbie

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  • Burgs

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  • 00BevanH

    We are a new 10U team and I am spreading the word about!  My mom even convinced our coaches to give “softball homework” to my teammates – you guessed it, (along with videos and clinics, etc)!  I am the youngest on this team, and still eligible to play 8U, but I love the live arm!  I am a great hitter but I and the team need some quality bats as most of us buy used bats.  I have held this bat before and love the feel and would love to have it for the team to use!
    Thank you for the opportunity, and rock on!!!! 
    By the way, like I said I am the youngest on the team – if you can’t guess who I am, here is a hint, I am the catcher and my dad says I am strong for my age!

  • KamsDad  yes in my early 20’s I was a lumberjack in South Carolina.

  • r8r_n8shn  You are the winner of this months prize. You have 30 days to email me at and claim your bat. Congrats

  • r8r_n8shn  Congrats, You are the winner of this months prize. You have 30 days to email me at and claim your bat. Thanks everyone for entering.

  • r8r_n8shn

    GaryLeland  r8r_n8shn  That is AWESOME!!! My daughter and the team is going to be so excited!!! Thank you again for doing all that you and your team do for fastpitch softball!!! I will send the email shortly.  Here is a picture of last years 12U team…my daughter is the redhead on the right!!!

  • AxeBat

    r8r_n8shn Congrats! We’d love to hear how you like the bat! Tweet us or email us at if you have any questions or comments. Love the photo btw.

  • r8r_n8shn

    AxeBat r8r_n8shn  Thanks…we will let ya know for sure!!!

  • r8r_n8shn

    I love the Win Some
    Softball Stuff Show

  • blackberry2921

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  • steadfastdoc

    My daughter used the Axe Avenge at a batting cage in Rhode Island and loved the grip.

  • Rthuba

    Spring has arrived: Snowed during the first practice, cancelled the 2nd.. could use a good couple weeks.

  • JeffHoughtalen

    Axe bat looks awesome

  • Lynnzeeelulu

    I would be interested in seeing how different it feels to swing it

  • Deacon83

    Handle grip looks great and makes sense.

  • RachaelHyder

    My daughter plays 14u select ball and for her middle school. We haven’t seen these in stores yet. She loved to be able to try this bat out. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • allenchris

    Interesting bat.

  • sk8rdad

    Let’s get chopping! Bring on the Axe!

  • aafreder

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  • softballcraze

    I would just die to try one of these bats! After checking my fast pitch magazine to see if this months was published, I figured out about this bat! My regrets on getting the magazine: NONE! I love this magazine and show so much!!! Thank you Gary Leland!!!!!!!