Win A Miken Triad Softball Bat – Episode 2

The second episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a Triad Fastpitch Bat from Miken. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a Miken Triad Fastpitch Softball. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

To Purchase The Miken Triad Go To

Here are the features of the Triad Fastpitch Softball Bat from Miken

Triad Technology Miken's newest revolutionary bat construction

Extended Sweet Spot using thermal expansion for ultimate flex and no vibration

Two-Piece Composite

Manufactured In The USA


1 year warranty

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  • hollihobbi

    I love this bat! It looks sooo cool! 🙂

  • tieradenae

    I love all the videos that on there YouTube page.


    Love everything you said about this bat….but I love all your videos. So much so my wife thinks I have a real problem, lol! Thanks Gary for all you do, and keep it up.

  • Jbaughman78

    My daugher play in the babe Ruth league..After I talked to some coach’s and they said carbon fiber and all other bats was banned. After checking the babe Ruth page and seeing the zero bat was banned. I really like to get her a carbon fiber or a composite bat. I love all your fastpitch shows.

  • moonpup

    You see so many of the pros swinging MIken. Would love to win this one.

  • stevie1959

    Its a hitting game————–Coach Stevie

  • BiancaNellyDelaloza

    i would love to give this bat to my beautiful talented daughter… im keeping my fingers crossed

  • eveflorida

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  • ronoroz

    Great looking bat…keep the great products and fastpitch videos coming!

  • travelteammom

    Gary…I Love your show(s)! My daughter has picked up so much from just watching. Thank you, for EVERYTHING!

  • NaomiM34

    I want to get this bat for my daughter 🙂

  • jjhlava

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  • TrinityCoach_00

    Love the show. We have learned a lot from it.

  • CoachEgghead

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    The girls could sure use one of these bats up here in Wisconsin.  The market is wide open and the team always uses our bats.

  • Softball4life

    This bat seems like an awesome bat! Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Since my husband passed a year and half it’s fallen on me to keep my daughter outfitted with the best bats! Hopefully she wins this! Thanks

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    Wow what a bat!!!! This thing would look good in my Daughter’s hands as she steps to the plate to stare down the pitcher this year. She i moving to 10u this year.

  • dnkdavisn5

    this would be a great gift to my daughter while fall ball is weeks away. 12U  Awesome bat.  Enjoying your website!! ~ mom of a lovin~ Softball Player! – Dnkdavisn5

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  • Burgs

    Love this new win something site…Hopefully the sponsors come and showcase there equipment…

  • Burgs We need people to enter to keep sponsors interested. Thanks for watching and entering.

  • surquiola69 Thank you for subscribing to The Fastpitch Magazine

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    I’m so glad that I met you at SoftballCon a couple of years ago. The tools that you provide to all of todat’s coaches are so valuable. It doesn’t matter the level of talent because the drills and information you share are good for everyone. I actually learned about SoftballCon from your show and yes, I shared that information with the organizers of the event. I have also subscribed to your magazine and from the first issue I was able to implement something new in my practice. My girls and I are leaving rec and going into the travel circuit so we will need any advice we can get. Thanks for all you do for the softball community.

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    I’ve always favored Louisville bats but recently I started to open up to the idea of using a bat other than Louisville.  I picked up a few hits with a Demarini bruiser at my last game but maybe winning a BEAUTIFUL Miken may change my mind!!

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    Came across your Facebook page recently. My daughter and I have watched a bunch of videos. Think the site is great!! Ordered the magazine for her birthday too! She loves softball and plays 3/4 of the year practically, even 3 teams certain times of the year. She would be absolutely thrilled to win this bat!!

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  • Bgrave21You are the winner of this months bat. Please email me the size  of the Miken Triad Fastpitch Bat you would like, and the address to send it to. Email it to

  • The winner of this month prize was Bgrave21. Be sure and go to to enter next months contest.

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