Win A Rip It Drop 12 Air Fastpitch Softball Bat – Episode 3

The third episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a Rip It Drop 12 Air Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a Rip It Drop 12 Air Fastpitch Softball Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Here are some features of the Drop 12 Air Softball Bat from Rip It.

With the R2 Composite material, Rip It was able to completely revolutionize how a Drop Twelve is made. This Drop Twelve AIR is the first in the industry to be constructed identical to a Drop Ten, but weigh in at a Drop Twelve. The result is Drop Ten performance in a Drop Twelve bat that youth players can swing with ease.


400 Day Warranty

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  • GavinCarlisle

    I have never used one before. Now would be a great time to start!!!

  • JenniferFelvus

    Love keeping up to speed on Fastpitch TV!

  • micatibug

    Just recently found this site.  Loving it for my daughter.  Thank you

  • ABayley

    I haven’t heard of this bat before, sounds interesting.  I’d love to see what my daughter can do with it!

  • DwayneHarris

    Interesting bat, coaching younger (10-U)  girls, our girls are always looking for lighter bats with more pop.

  • arisinger

    My daughter would love to have a new bat…we love RipIt products, but never had the chance to try one of their bats.

  • tedrowrock

    This new Drop 12 looks like a winner

  • RandyChapman

    My daughter would love this bat.

  • mrscwilliamson

    I’m new to this site and love it already! We have been looking for a good all weather bat! This one sounds awesome! My daughter would love to have it!!!!

  • CarleePerez

    My daughter just recently got involved in fastpitch and would love this bat.  It looks awesome!!

  • KMacaw07

    Very Cool!!  Would love for my daughter to have this bat!

  • stacey998

    Both of my daughters have been batting with the Rip It Elite (yellow bat) for about 5 years. 5yrs ago everyone kept saying the bats were too heavy for them. 23oz., 33 long. But they had no problem getting the bat around on the ball and consistently hit them harder and further than the rest of their team mates. Now people ask them when they are getting new bats. They both have new bats, but never use them because they love the Elite. As my oldest daughter has said on more than one occasion, “You got to dance with the one that brought you.”

  • Claude2078

    This bat sounds amazing! I would love for my daughter to have a chance to hit with it. Go Fastpitch. Tv

  • AmandaDavisHancock

    Awesome giveaway my daughter needs a bat badly too.

  • ShaunMartinez

    nice bat! my daughter could use this bat!

  • Softballmom_05AR

    Love it. My daughter could put this bat to good use.

  • LancePeitso

    Sounds like a interesting bat.  I am sure my daughters would love to try it out.

  • DanaClarkMcDonie

    My daughter needs a new bat.  I think this could be the one for her.

  • BrandonCaro

    My daughter really wants a good bat, thanks for the opportunity

  • SylviaSchaeffer

    Sounds awesome!

  • StephanieEwen

    Sounds like a great bat to further enhance my daughter’s hitting! Thank you for bringing us these fun contests and awesome prizes!

  • Softballmom13

    My daughters 14 and this is her first year playing high school ball shes a pitcher but can play all positions, she loves anything to do with softball

  • TuckVW

    Would be great for the girls on my University team!

  • JacquesGreen

    My daughter really getting into softball and would love a new bat!

  • tigerdaddy19

    Would love to try rip it bats

  • Ebgilliam

    My daughter plays 10u ball & sure could put this bat to good use! Thanks for the opportunity to win it for her!

  • TomHickman

    Looks like a great bat. Love the helmets and would love to try this product.

  • cajuncrushers

    Looks like a great bat for my 10 yr old.  Thanks for the opportunity to win it.  We love their helmets!!  I’m sure she would LOVE this bat too.

  • BHS_Fastpitch

    We want to Rip it!

  • NRV2013

    Another great video full of info. Sounds like the customer service aspect of Rip-It alone is worth trying their products.

  • Bgrave21

    Love the shows and all the info Gary.
    Thanks for selecting me winner of Episode 2.

  • RichardAlcaraz

    Another Great informational video from the the Fastpitch TV show.

  • JannaGraf

    Bet my daughter could really RIP some home runs with this bat!!

  • softballmomma72

    Kristen would love this one and it would match her Rip-It helmet, so she could be fashionable too!  LOL!

  • Juju softball

    Love softball and love you show!!!

  • AKKirby

    My kid would love the bat !

  • RickWS

    My 10 year old swings a 31″ -10 Worth 454. I’d like to compare the power.

  • SizzleSoftball

    My summer team was strictly rip it reaper swingers and would like to try this new rip it bat out to see how it compares.

  • LeroySmithson

    1st time for me but it wont be the last time. I used rip it bats for slowpitch and now that I am a fast pitch coach i’m excited for my girls to get the chance to use them

  • RickAdney

    Hope for best. Rip it products have always been great. Kids never tried their bats .

  • Rattitood

    My daughter had a foxy rip it and loved it . Hope to win a new one for her

  • Timv1800

    I bought one for my daughter, and she loves it. I need a heavier one now with the weight more in the handle.

  • PiratesDieff

    Are residents outside of the US eligible to win? #France

  • NikkiSmith2

    This bat sounds amazing..would love to add it to our bat bag to see the results for ourselves..the fact that it has so much science behind the design makes me really curious..and I have to admit the 400 day warranty Rip it has is also a major selling point!! I would love for my daughter to get the chance to RIP the cover off a ball with this RIP IT bat!!

  • PiratesDieff Yes, but you would have to pay for shipping and any duties.

  • NaomiM34

    I would love to see my daughter Rip-It with this bat maybe I could swing it a couple times 🙂

  • JamesBrown4

    would love that bat for my girls

  • nels1980

    Would love to win

  • mbhappr

    Rip It always makes good quality products, sounds like a great bat for youth hitters and high school slappers.

  • smak212

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    My daughter has never tried a rip it bat before & would love to try it out this year!

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    I am impressed with the technology that goes into this Rip it bat.  This would be a great addition to my 13 year olds bag.

  • ChristinaGreeneDeHart

    I would love to watch my daughter rip it on the field with this bat!!!!!!!!

  • Pistol61

    Great technology.  Would be a nice bat to win!

  • YolondaH

    **********Love IT !!! *************

  • softballdad22

    Oklahoma Lightning 10u could really benefit with this bat as it would be used as a team bat.
    Rob Hough

  • nb381dn

    My daughter’s in need of a new bat and this would be an awesome replacement

  • Softballmom_916

    I would love to give this bat as a gift to my daughter entering to win and crossing my fingers we love fastpitch tv you guys are great thanks for keeping us informed about all the new technology

  • pitchkiwi

    I would absolutely love to have this bat, I normally hit with an Anderson but I have been looking for a newer bat with a good hitting quality and I think this bat is perfect! 🙂

  • kell4

    My daughter is small in size but, this bat could give her the bat speed she needs. Go Rip it

  • Kochise

    My daughters first bat was a rip it, she loved it.  I would love her to try this one!

  • Jadziah HM

    I love this show. It looks like such a nice bat.

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  • tstaff


  • stickman10


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    Thanks for the effort Gary!

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    You’re awesome Gary! I wish I could win this bat!! Good luck to all entering (:<3

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    GaryLeland  Thanks for the answer  🙂

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    Awesome, love Rip-It products

  • HSReloaded

    Nice Bat…could use it for our team.

  • Whouse

    My 13 year old daughter hits to the fence now. Maybe this bat could get it over the fence!

  • micatibug

    My daughter hit a couple of homeruns inside the park last season (not on errors) maybe a bat like this would help her, but I think it is probably her form and strength that will make it fly.  Nice bat though.  I like the softball info on the site.  Thank you

  • ngoins48

    I have 2 daughters that would LOVE a bat like this! I can’t normally afford the fancy bats so they usually have to borrow from teammates so to have one of their own would be AMAZING!

  • bech5361

    I am a fastpitch coach at the high school level in Colorado.  As we all know bats of this caliber are often to much for most programs to buy.  Programs like ours are constantly battling the financial strap that is put around high school sports.  Not all of our kids can afford great gear but to have gear like the rip it drop 12 bat would be certainly appreciated and most welcomed and it would give each team that has one a definite edge on their competition especially with the technology that this bat possesses.  Good going Rip it, and keep up the good work.

  • Burgs

    Were looking to  win one  of these bats LOL    Thanks again Gary…The Magazine is awesome, problem is,  its my wife’s  I pad and keeps taking it…..

  • Anna 00

    My daughter would love to have this bat..

  • patrickboegel

    Definitely like the concept behind how RipIt develops their bats.  Know my daughter would like the grip especially, prefers molded to flat.

  • Bcarter75

    Would love to win one of these bats for my 10 year old to try out. We are still hung up on the 06 synergy SCN1B’s and she’s killing the ball with them. Would like to compare some new technology to one of the original all time best bombers!!!

  • Catchup

    A -12 that swings like a -10 sounds like something to try ! Our 12U team would love to try it out.

  • ABayley

    We are trying to decide what bat to get my daughter.  If we won this Rip-It bat it would sure make the decision easier!

  • NCH2013

    I appreciate everything you do for the game of fastpitch. I would love to win this bat for my daughter.

  • MattSawyer

    Mr. Leyland thanks for such an informative video on the Rip It drop 12. Looking forward to many future shows. Thanks for all you do to help softball grow.

  • Candykc

    Great bat! rip it bats rip the balls over!!!!!

  • ldybuz

    Would love this bat for my daughter.  She is working so hard to become a better player and this would add to her abilities and confidence.

  • MonicaMoody

    My 12yr old daughter has been working so hard in the off season working on her hitting and pitching to be the best she can be. I feel this bat would be a great asset to reaching her goal. If the other girls on the team see her hitting with that bat, they will ask their parents for one. Thank you for considering us for this contest.

  • tzinecker

    Molls Balls would love this bat!

  • MikeAlvarado

    my daughter owns a Easton Synergy clarity bat. -10 “31-21”  she has been using this bat for her third year now, And I cant get her to change bats to a newer bat. I would be greatfull to win this bat and give it a try, and make a believer out of me for the Ripit product. She has a Ripit face mask for pitching and loves it. If I can get her to convert to this new -12 drop Air bat, big cuddos to RipIt bats. Mike Alvarado

  • CoachChrisCLS

    We currently use the Demarini Bustos -13 bats and have been looking for something new. My 10 & 12 yr old girls would love to give this bat a swing.

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    Pick me!

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    I don’t have enough time to watch all Gary has on this site 🙂  But  least I get to read the Fastpitch Magazine ..Hope to give this bat to a   player in need.

  • MonicaMoody You are the winner of this months contest. Please send you address to in the next 30 days. Congratulations.

  • Congratulations to Monica Moody. She is this months winner. To see next months context go to

  • Lisa26

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    Joe Leichtman Jr.

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    all my daughter swing are Xeno.  I would love her to swing something different

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    Great video. For the love of the game. . .

  • Burgs

    I’ll keep trying till I win one of these bats,

  • Anchor8

    My daughter is softball fanatic and plays on three teams. She could definitely use a new bat. Thanks for all you do on your website. Great information for me as a fastpitch coach and great information for my daughter. Her dream is to play for the Mizzou Tigers!

  • micatibug

    Got a new facebook post for a new contest I think?  So wanted to say that we love the show, but with the Facebook posts it is hard to tell if it is a new contest or we are re-entering an old one??

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