Win A Worth Drop 11 Legit Fastpitch Softball Bat

The fourth episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a Worth Drop 11 Legit Fastpitch Softball Bat. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a Worth Drop 11 Legit Fastpitch Softball Bat. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Here are some features of the Drop 11 Legit Softball Bat from Worth Sports.

Length to Weight Ratio: -11

Barrel: 2 1/4 Inch Diameter

Handle: Ultra Thin, Flex Fifty Technology

Approved By: ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, and ISF

Extended Sweet spot

Warranty:Twelve Month Manufacturer's Warranty

Construction: 2-piece composite

Swing Weight: Balanced

Legit power core molding process

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  • kell4

    My daughter is small in size and would love a bat that would give her the balance speed through the strike zone. Worth makes great products

  • eveflorida

    I would love to win this bat. Haven’t tried Worth yet.

  • DeborahStewartArace

    My daughter would be so surprised this Christmas to find a Drop 11 Legit Softball Bat under the tree:) She has had the same bat since she was 12, and now is 15. Time for the next level:) Thank you:)

  • Bcarter75

    Would love to win this bat for my daughter! Heard good things about the Worth bats but haven’t tried any yet.

  • BarryCarpe

    One of daughter’s teammates (2nd year 12U) just picked up the Legit -10 and loves it. Great pop and now has me looking at one for my daughter. Love the show btw…

  • Melissa4986

    Would love a new bat for the team, we ladies love our softball and are trying to keep playing forever!

  • JaimeSwank

    Love worth bats, would a great addition to my daughter bag!

  • Jbaughman78

    Great show’s you have!!

  • LancePeitso

    We have one worth bat, and would love to add a composite to the arsenal.

  • Rick Mercado

    2LEGIT- 2QUIT!!!

  • ChristiSorensen

    This would make my daughter’s year to win this bat. She enjoys her Asylum but it is a bit old and would love to give her something better to swing.


    This would be an awesome time to win this awesome bat. My daughters other bat just gave out after almost 2 years of good use. We have always used Easton bats but Oklahoma was her favorite team and she recently met Kalani, so maybe we should give Worth a try. Thanks Gary.

  • ScottZablocki

    Great show Gary, and perfect time for this contest as looking to get a replacement for DD’s bat.

  • Brett_Bechtel

    Awesome show Gary.  Looks like a pretty good bat.

  • BrandonCaro

    We love the show

  • jpowers760

    I have always loved worth bats. I would love to win one for one of my daughters. I think if we were to win I would have to have a competition at home to see who gets it.

  • jkerby

    I’ve never had the opportunity to use a Legit bat. This bat looks great and I’m in need of a new bat for my DD and I think she would really love this one!

  • GregPadgett

    Nice bat, would love to win this for my daughter.

  • Arnold67

    Love the show ! Would love for our 14U girls to try a new bat


    My daughter would LOVE this bat for her upcoming birthday! 🙂

  • tigerdaddy19

    I’m winning this one Gary!

  • jjhlava

    Awesome looking technology going into this bat.  Thanks Gary for the great info!

  • thekjlewis

    I would love to win this bat!!

  • chyde74

    My daughter has never used a LEGIT Worth bat, but Gary you definitely sell it!!  She is anxious to try it out!

  • HSReloaded

    too legit to quit…nice bat!

  • Rattitood

    It would be great to start the new spring season with a Legit bat!  Go Cardinals!!

  • TaraMiller

    This bat sounds awesome.  My daughters would love to try a new bat.  My twelve yrs. slaps and my 16 yrs. is a switch hitter/slapper.  Thank you for the chance to win these great products.  What a way to get the word out to people.

  • amanda00rouse

    I am in need of a new bat!! I would love to try a Worth Drop 11 bat!!!    🙂 🙂 I LOVE your show!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 =) =)  I am your # 1 Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) Thank you so much for all of your shows and all the time you put in to make your shows fantastic, it really means a lot!! THANK YOU!! 

  • HelenaNovotna

    Oh! Please..this time that’s something for me! I finally deserved my chance to play in the highest competition in our country and this can really help me to be a succesfull and usefull player there. Choose me, please:) Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Luis562

    It will be nice if I can win this bat for my 12 year old daughter. It’s her 1st year playing , she loves it.

  • Crazy8

    No soup for you! My daughter would love to swing this Legit stick!

  • BJ38

    I played on many teams and always had to borrow the “elite” bats. 
    Please pick me so I can actually own one and take my game to next level in high school and college!

  • feathermaye

    Gotta win this for my favorite softball girl!!

  • softball mom 311

    My 13 year old would love to put one over the fence with this amazing bat ~~

  • Juju softball

    Softball is life and life is softball…let’s play!!!

  • alexlisag

    Would love to win this bat for my daughter.

  • Jadziah HM

    Sounds like such a cool bat!

  • Whouse

    My daughter wants to play at Tennessee, and it would be great if she got there with this bat.

  • 4TheKids

    2 legit……………….2 legit to quit!

  • deanacruz548

    Choose me I want the bat!!!

  • StevenLShipley

    We need a new bat

  • catcher13

    Though I’ve never owned a Worth bat, I would love to have one!

  • eric68

    That will be great under the Christmas tree.

  • eric68

    This will be great under the Christmas tree!

  • stickman10

    My daughter doesn’t play anymore but I still coach. This would be a great bat for my 12u team.

  • ShaBreeHouston

    My daughter would love to hit with this bat! Fastpitch softball rocks!!!!!

  • HCHS

    Love it!

  • JessicaPafford

    I could use this bat for school ball.

  • jerameyfleenor

    This is a great bat, that would be very helpful for my daughter to apply the great hitting instruction she as received from fastpitch tv!

  • JenB33

    My daughter is 14 and plays 16U in Pittsburgh, PA.  She could really use this 🙂

  • cgoode

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  • JCARTER2002

    Love the shows!! I have used them many times as training aids for my daughter!

  • WendyJacksonCarpenter

    Thank for the information on the Worth bats.  Need a new bat for my daughter…definitely keeping this one in mind.

  • Abby T

    Great info on a great bat! My daughter would love to get her hands on it!

  • LeroySmithson

    I hope this is not my second comment. If so please forgive me. I tried to post a comment and it doesn’t show.

  • Julia88

    Fastpitch TV is great! I have learned so much from it. Legit -11 is a great bat, wish I could have it!

  • JustinConnor

    Thanks for putting on a great show. My daughter loves to watch and the information provide has been very helpful with her developing her skills.


    Love the show!

  • Tuvajr26

    Love your show and Facebook page. It’s very informative. This would be a great new bat for my daughter who took off for a year and played competitive basketball when her competitive softball team dismantled. She is a Freshman in High school this year and decided to play for her High School Softball team and played on Varsity. She realized that she truly loves the game and regrets that she took off from softball for a year and is excited to play competitive softball again.

  • sb5dad

    My daughter gave this bat a try at BatWars tournament and fell in love with it.  Seh would be thrilled to get this!

  • LindsleyArnoldKimball

    Love the show and I know my player would love this bat!

  • Thank you for everything you do to promote girls fastpitch softball!!! We are better because of what you do!

  • redhead1995

    We are just learning about Worth products, and my daughter and her team would LOVE to hit homeruns with this bat!

  • Cmangome

    This bat would be the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter. I really want to win it !!

  • sdspartnership

    Been reading up on the Worth Bats.  Looks and sounds amazing; like to try it myself!

  • Melainerm

    My daughter loves worth bAts

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    Nice looking bat

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    Great bat! Great show!

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    Great show, Great gear!!!!

  • Kochise

    Always something good on fast looks like an great bat too

  • bedfordjedi

    Wish me luck to win this bat…

  • hansocl

    The explanation really intrigued me.  As a high school softball coach it is nice to have reviews before I make these expensive decisions.  Keep up the great work!

  • HeartForTheGame

    Softball is LIFE with the volume turned up. How loud is YOUR game?!?! #Softball #lovethegame

  • PatriciaThe3rdbasemen

    My nerves stop working as I enter the classroom and they could only work a few hours later, in the field, when I starting to hit the fastpitch throw 😀 😀  Softball has made my days LEGEN…wait for need to catch the flying ball and get safe to the home base..DARY!!  Keep your EYES on the BALL xD A great and informative show, credits to Gary Leland for making it a-must-watch show.

  • BryanHenniger

    Watch every month!

  • ShelleyYoung

    This would make an awesome Christmas gift!

  • ChrisHurley

    My Daughter would love this bat!

  • NikkiLopez

    HI GARY! this bat would be PERFECT for my softball playing daughter’s 13th birthday! which by the way is November 29th…just after this contest ends! #VOTEFORMICHELE 🙂

  • MikeMilza

    Hi Gary, My daughter is 14 and just started playing softball this past spring. She’s become a very good hitter in a short amount of time. I’d love to give this bat to her for Christmas.

  • Gatexan

    I onow that would be an awesome bat to be in the batbag when varsity season rolls around

  • cyoung01

    Love all that you do on fast pitch TV, I look forward to watching
    all your future episodes.

  • nealjudy

    I have 2 granddaughters that plays travel ball and high school ball. They both love playing fastpitch softball and would love this bat! If they are not playing softball every weekend they are very bored. They both have had  the  xenos and been very disappointed  because they have broken while using them.

  • KerryCasper

    Gary, if I were to win this bat, I would love to donate it to my high school softball program.  I am 31 years old and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for my small private high school starting fastpitch softball my freshman year.  Fastpitch put our schools name on the map and was amazing how it brought a community together.  They have very little funds but extremely dedicated coaches and players.  I would love for them to have it!

  • Dtrujillo19

    Worth Legit has been the absolute best bat my daughter has used!! Would Love to Win her one for this upcoming season!! Great video and great website as well, Thanks for all your information and tips!!!!!

  • rummyc

    Awesome Bat!

  • softballchick

    Great bat! Worth it! Go Her-ricanes!

  • lindsey30

    I have the 2014 Worth Legit -10 its a fantastic bat and would love to have a -11

  • jeffnann

    exceptional return policy you have

  • lindsey30

    I just got the Worth Legit 2 piece in -10 and its the best bat I have ever had… all my team mate want to use it..I would just love to add the -11 to my equipment bag… now that would be WORTH showing off…lol

  • MeghanMcGinley

    Love this bat!!! It would be awesome to have it for the 2014 season!! Go Attitude Roadrunners 14u!!!!

  • NRV2013

    Worth is all we purchase. From helmet to bats. It’s our favorite!

  • DFaze

    My daughter plays 12U fastpitch and has several Worth bats.  They are the only bats she likes.

  • Dlewis07

    We live LEGIT!!!! I woulf love win this bat for my younger sister!!!!

  • Gregsgoodgirl

    My daughter lives her 454 and her Sick would love to add this to her bat artillery

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    Would really love a new bat for softball!!

  • JenniferBarnettEvans

    My team needs this bat!

  • Sutemple

    Would love to use a worth legit bat for spring season2014!!:)

  • nitabonita

    i would love to win this bat ive never had enough money to afford my own ive always had to share

  • Softballgeeks190

    I love softball and I am a pitcher and I love your show!!!!

  • futureformerfatman

    Thanks for all the info!  Love the site/blog!

  • powellball

    Gary, thank you for everything you do for the fastpitch community. It’s a no lose proposition here, as the insight I gain is worth so much more than a bat or any other prize. Thanks again!

  • SteveWhite1

    Love Worth bats.  My daughter has used her 454 for a year and half and loves it.  Thank you Gary for all the great information.  I am always learning something new on your site.

  • BillHolcomb

    Thanks for what you do!!

  • Timv1800

    Gary, this is an informative site, keep it up

  • krazyKTM

    Love your show.  My twin daughters are softball krazy x2!

  • mitburd020403

    Awesome and informative site! My 10 year old daughter would love to win this bat as would anyone else! Have a wonderful day! Good luck everyone!;)

  • amberball1980

    I would love to win this for my daughter! She loves her Worth 454!!

  • Dewgill

    Love all the information you give us. Thank you.

  • TrinityCoach_00

    My daughter loves all the great info on your site.

  • WCHotshots

    Bat looks legit hopefully my daughter will be able to win it.

  • SoftballLover01

    The Fastpitch TV show always gives great information. I wish everyone the best of luck!

  • colin11235

    looks like a great bat,  make a great christmas present

  • Sydniswagga

    Looks like a great bat.

  • Burgs

    Im ready to win some softball stuff…from from Fastpitch TV network….

  • alkelly61

    My daughter would love a new bat for Christmas

  • kkubin

    My daughter just starting playing select this season, and would love to have this bat!  It would be the ultimate Christmas present!

  • Jennifera81

    Looking for my daughters first good bat. Would love to win this

  • DanielGreene

    Love worth products. Both my son and daughter hit with worth

  • Claytoninv1287

    Stumbled on your network a few months back, and I have to say, that you give out some great info and advice…good luck to all…

  • ElvisBruno

    As an adult I’ve used Worth products….I’m just trying to pass down the Legacy to 2 girls! Thank you FastpitchTV

  • Lipari10U25

    I like the fact that it is a balanced bat!

  • MarcyIrwinStotler

    Love the videos. Want the bat!! My daughter likes balanced bats

  • ABayley

    I would love to see how my daughter hits with this bat!

  • AdamErvin

    would love this bat for my daughter.

  • rhernandez234

    I’ve got a 16 year old that would love to get her hands on this bat!

  • RuddyAlvarez

    Just started watching your show and I enjoy it, my daughter is Junior in High school, she plays for a travel team Central Florida Lady Hawks and High school I would love to win this Bat for her Thanks Ruddy Alvarez

  • RickMiller

    Just ended our FallBall season on Saturday, and already restless for winter workouts.

  • elliotliermann

    Would love for our team to use.

  • AimeeBerlatBurris

    Would love this for my 14 year old!

  • KimberlyNelsonBannworth

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  • KerensaEcker

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  • SBCoach

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    Hoping to win bat for my niece ;). And win favorite aunt award!!

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    My daughter would love to try this bat, thanks for the change to win.

  • ZandriaReheard

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • jjbucketmom

    Great Christmas present!

  • Coachbroker

    This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for, Fastpitch Magazine, Softball, and hopefully my daughters new Worth Legit bat!  From a true softball addict parent, thank you for all you do to feed my addiction.  Keep it up. I even drive my daughter 4 hrs (one way) each month to Dallas so she can have Bill Hillhouse coach her.  I first leaned about bill from your first video of a seminar he gave.  I was thankful for that video!

  • shannyk

    My two girls sure would love to have that bat!!!

  • BartBouse

    My daughters would love this bat.

  • GavinCarlisle

    I would love to add this bat to the collection!!!

  • Burgs

    Hey Gary,  You know we all love this site…. Whats next maybe some gloves to win?

  • Hollow Grind

    This bat looks sweet – my daughter would love it!

  • Tony2x67

    Fastpitch TV is a great resource.  Me and my daughter come here all the time for catching lessons and product reviews.  The review of this Worth bat is very informative.  Thanks!

  • devs713

    awesome show! great tips! thanks gary for all you do! we’ve all learned so much from your videos! this bat would make an awesome christmas gift to my daughter from GO JAE #13 10U BAYOU CITY TIGERS HOUSTON TX!!!

  • MarkMazzone

    Would love to try this bat and get a dozen for my team.

  • smak212

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  • Burgs

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  • KatelynM

    I am 12 and I have been watching videos on t his website for about two years and I have gotten a lot of useful information. My dad has coached me for three years and use a lot information from also.

  • Thatsoftballgirl

    This is my first year playing fastpitch softball and I want to make the best of it… Why not start it with an amazing bat!

  • MarcBarilea

    This will be a perfect gift for my team here in the philippines! I love for giving cool prices to all your followers.

  • davex66

    My 11 daughter has been playing softball for 4 years, and has never got one over the fence yet. She’s been close, but hopefully a bat like the Legit will get the job done. Thanks for the great web site and videos.

  • MemphisHRguy

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  • Burgs

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  • Big stick

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  • ksmith44

    Sick Bat! would be awesome to have!

  • almightyogre

    my daughter is on a travel team and has never tried a worth bat, i have used them for many years in my 
    slow pitch softball leagues and have loved the worth brand, i would love for her to try the worth brand for
    the rest of her slowpitch career and have a chance to experience worth the way i have for years.

  • FastpitchMom

    Thank you soooo much for creating a site such as this one where our children can receive quality valuable skill set knowledge, enabling them to grow within their loved  sport!!! Your the best!

  • ChrisHurley Chris, you are this months winner of the Wroth Legit Bat. Please send me an email at to claim your prize.

  • @ChrisHurley is this months winner of the Wroth Legit Bat. Chris please send me an email at to claim your prize.

  • Burgs

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone and a big THANK YOU to Gary and his crew.  
    Thanks for the Fastpitch TV network and all it has to offer to teach these young ladies were they are at in there learning abilities and were they  may get to, no matter what level they may grow up to be.

  • NikkiLopez

    GaryLeland  ChrisHurley I missed the winning vote by one comment ahead…darn lol…congrats to you Chris Hurleyyyyyyyyy…cross your fingers and pray I win the next contest! always for my Michele 🙂

  • oich23

    looks like a really nice bat

  • Bjack325

    I hope to receive this bat for my daughter. Hard to afford these composite bats…but I like the design and know it could boost her confidence more in the batters box.

  • nnrich7

    Would love to win this bat for my daughters 16th birthday.She plays travel and high school ball and love this bat Thanks

  • Claytoninv1287

    Broken bat recently and my DD could use a new one…

  • MarcBarilea

    Wow!! this could be a good gift to my team. having a worth
    legit-11 softball fastpitch bat. This bat would somehow get my team exited
    b’coz all our bats are old and we haven’t got new one since 2009. So this one’s
    really a great gift to all of Us.

  • HCHS

    Would love this for my daughter


    This would be a great time to get a new bat as my daughter will need one by summer. Thanks for all you do Gary.

  • Coachbroker

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