Win A Set of Diamond Sports iX5 Catchers Gear

The fifth episode of The Win Some Softball Stuff Show. This month you can win a set of Diamond Sports iX5 Catchers Gear. Produced By Gary Leland

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This month you have the opportunity to win a set of Diamond Sports iX5 Catchers Gear. Watch the video to find out how to enter.

Make sure and watch on the 25th of every month for our newest contest.

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  • JamesLaChance

    Love the design of the IX5. Will give my daughter better protection.

  • TuckNRoll

    New set of catchers equipment looks amazing – thanks Diamond!

  • Heard a lot of good things about IX5.  Anxious to see it!

  • SarahLesniewicz

    Would love to have this set for my select team.  The girls I coach would appreciate a nice gift from Diamond.

  • Kfarrah

    I like the new design of the helmet and knee pads.  Any weight and bulk you can remove from the gear the better.. Inproves pop time and flexibility behind the plate.  Great design.  Thanks

  • Rattitood

    DD would love to start out the spring season
    With a new set of catchers gear!

  • JamieProctor

    This new new equipment sounds great. Would love to have this for my girls.

  • JenniferFelvus

    This equipment looks awesome!

  • Jennabeans110901

    Looks great!! My daughter would love new gear that’s state of the art!! Crossing my fingers!!

  • tigerdaddy19


  • snaajpur

    Thats some great looking equipment.
    Greetings from The Netherlands

  • ABayley

    My daughter’s birthday is next month and we are looking to purchase her a good set of catchers gear.  This would be awesome!

  • MichaelMcKee

    Nice looking equipment.

  • PiratesDieff

    I like your show 🙂

  • Chadpmarshall

    I would love this to be my daughters first set of catchers gear. LOVE FASTPITCH.TV

  • BrunoSilveiraFortes

    Love your show guys, hope to win the set! Diamond stuff is really nice!

  • PriscillaSanchezChavez

    My daughter will love these 🙂

  • EmilyPannell

    Love this new Diamond gear.  thanks dor all the great info…Love the show.

  • bcterp2

    My granddaughter would love this set up! She has gotten taller since her equipment was bought a couple of years ago. Not only is her gear worn out, it is too short. Thanks for making this offer available.

  • redhead1995

    Diamond makes some great gear! My daughter has almost outgrown her current set. Thanks for all the helpful informatio !

  • egld97

    Great looking gear!

  • MarcyIrwinStotler

    My daughter would love some new gear!!!  Love the show.

  • FastpitchMom

    My daughter has been catching for three years now and has been using the diamond ix 3 gear set and has loved it. We were thinking about getting her a new set this up coming season since she has outgrown the chest protector. This would be an amazing surprise!! thanks Gary! and Diamond you rock!

  • bert1013

    What an amazing set of gear, another home run Gary!

  • evagarcia

    my daughter would love this set of gear, I love all the features diamond has to offer

  • jodyramer

    This would be awesome! My girl is using a hand me down
    helmet from someone her dad worked with and she shares
    the equipment. Thank you for doing this!!

  • jledit

    always seem to get overlooked at needing bigger bags and always have to
    cram their essentials in the normal bags.. This would be a huge relief
    for my daughter as well as all the other protector’s of the plate out

  • KimberlyHurley

    Nice gear. D2 would love it!

  • kappy0622

    Best looking gear on the market by far! The back strap on the chest protector is a great design – no more looping and crisscrossing to get a comfortable fit.  My daughter would love this gear for her birthday and what girl wouldn’t love a little Diamond bling to start the season!

  • my6williams

    Love the Diamond Brand and the new catcher’s gear out!  My daughter loves the Catcher position and would really love a new set.  She has a used set and it’s pretty tattered and worn..  Be nice to get her geared up and to be protected and safe!

  • tnG8R

    Have always been impressed with Diamond products. DD needs a new catcher’s set.

  • KevinSchultz

    thanks for the opportunity to win this

  • AllenManibusan

    Win some, lose some!! I would love to win some new Diamond Catchers gear!!

  • StephanieEwen

    My daughter would love love love to have a new set of catcher gear. She spends so much time reconnecting her straps because they are so worn out. I hope we win!

  • StevenLShipley

    My daughter needs a new set. She has outgrown her current set and needs a good set for Spring…..

  • We’re a brand new team. We’re looking into getting gear. We love Diamond gear because our name is “Diamonds”. If we don’t win is there anybody that can donate us any gear that are in California. We’re looking for any help. THANK U FASTPITCH and good luck to everybody!

  • BobPaxson

    We would love some new gear for our girls…..if you see what we use now you would be amazed l

  • Lisette Maerman

    Real nice stuff I hope I win greetings from Holland!

  • Jadziah HM

    I’ve been using the Diamond catching mask for years now. I love it, but I think it’s time for a new one.

  • Akfitz1

    My daughter would love to have a new set of catching gear this month!!

  • KAT416

    looks like an awesome set of catchers gear. My daughter would love a new set.

  • GregPadgett

    The new Diamond catchers’ gear looks to be comfortable. Diamond did a great job with the iX5.

  • RickMiller

    My daughter would love a new set of Catcher’s gear.

  • BillyDavenport

    Awesome! Anyone can be a catcher in this gear!!!

  • SeanDay

    Looks like some really awesome gear. The design changes look like they would really make it more comfortable and easier to get in and out off quickly.

  • 22piano

    This gear looks awesome! My college club team would definitely love a new set of catchers gear!

  • oich23

    this gear looks awesome, i think my daughter would enjoy it

  • Crush Fastpitch

    My daughter would love a new set of Diamond iX5 Catcher’s gear.

  • Ballhawks99

    Catchers are like the QB in football, except the girls take the hits without a yellow flag being thrown.

  • The chest protector seems vastly improved.

  • davex66

    The Bill Hillhouse videos are the best.

  • catcher13

    I am a catcher and gear is expensive, so winning new gear would be awesome!

  • jharveygolf

    Looks like this gear would be great for a 7 game Championship run on a hot Sunday in July.

  • CherylPatton

    Would love the set to donate to my daughters school. There is not a lot of funds available for nice equipment like this.

  • CoachJB

    My catcher loves diamond gear we have had 3 sets and this new set looks awesome..

  • ChristopherNolan

    would love for my girl is just about grown out of her current diamond gear such a great product and great show thank you both 🙂

  • AlexReynolds

    that gear is wow just wow i mean im looking forward to the mast most

  • Wow- this gear looks amazing! My 12U Dear Daughter could really use this gear! She always uses club gear and it never fits well, which I feel makes it less safe! #fastpitchTV doing a great job here!! Thank you for all of the great info and opportunities that you provide like this! #generous

  • rashipley2000

    You guys have always provided great information/advice which is made even more fantastic by these giveaways! Thank you for all you do.

  • jerameyfleenor

    Gary, Thank you for it has help my daughter discover new joy in the game. We are always applying the instruction to her game. She has out grown her old gear, so I am excited to give her a chance to try our the ix5!!

  • FigJamie

    Amazing! These shin guards are amazing first off! I find this design works best for protecting you legs! And light weight so exciting!! Thank you this show is great and informative. Thank you!!!

  • JoyBlalock

    Would love to have this set for my daughter.

  • KerryWildrick

    Great set of gear! My daughter would love this!

  • Missy Cornell

    What a great giveaway and product!  It would definately be put to good use by my daughter!  
    Thanks so much!

  • StacySmithPhillips

    I would love to have this catching gear for my active children….thanks for the chance to win!
    Stacy Phillips

  • devs713

    Awesome show! Great tips! Thanks Gary for all you do! We’ve all learned so much from your videos! GO JAE #13 10U BAYOU CITY TIGERS HOUSTON TX!!!

  • what a great giveaway.  the iX5 looks amazing.  thanks

  • Timv1800

    Nice Gear, My daughter is a second year 12U player and out growes her gear before it is wore out so a free set would be great.

  • Meka7

    What an awesome giveaway! My daughter is a 14U player and has a Diamond helmet that has seen better days but she loves it and doesn’t want to give it up. Maybe she would if I win this 🙂

  • colin11235

    looks like great gear gary.  i think i could find someone to fit  !

  • CherylDunning

    Wow how cool are you Gary…great show! 
    My daughter just fell in love with catching this fall season Majors LL. Would love to win her the gear for her. She is asking Santa for catching gear this year.

    Love your show!!
    Cheryl Dunning

  • BrianPilarski

    A good looking catcher helps make a good looking pitcher!!!!!! Hurry up SPRING!!!!!!!

  • PatrickWSullivan

    Great looking gear. My daughter used Scutt in the past and is looking at diamond for next season. She is a senior. In H.S. And looking for new gear.

  • ZandriaReheard

    My daughter is 11 and has been catching for three years. Its time to buy new equipment because she
    Is growing out of hers. It would be a true blessing to our family to win her a set. Please pick us!

  • Jennifera81

    My daughter would love this set!!

  • CourtneyPettit

    My daughter Abbi is 9 and is a catcher.  She would love, love, love to win this gear!!!!

  • jhorsley211

    This gear is a diamond itself! Great improvement! My daughter would love to have this gear!

  • cstaponski

    I have 2 A level catchers and both need new gear. Please pick us!

  • SoftballDadCoach

    This is great gear and I want the best gear for my daughter

  • Catch 21

    Love the new technology in the gear!!!!

  • AlfonsoChavez

    Great gear. Would love my daughter to have this set.

  • LeeDavis1

    My middle daughter loves to catch and has wanted her own gear to practice more at home w/ her older sister who’s a pitcher.  Love watching your videos.

  • JeffWroblewski

    All Diamond gear is the “Bomb”.  We really need a new set for our High School team.

  • elliotliermann

    Looks like a nice set of equipment.

  • erbodwin

    I would love to give my daughter a new set of catchers gear for her birthday in Jan.

  • Outfield7

    I would love a set of these iX5 catcher’s gear for my HS team. Thanks Gary!

  • Asulli16

    As a catcher from the 90’s (wow I feel old) I would have loved this equipment! Now I would love to be able to give this to my own daughter!

  • RyanFisher_3

    It would be awesome to win this nice set of catchers gear for my daughters travel team.

  • ChristiSorensen

    This would look amazing on my daughter. She needs new gear and this would be perfect. She would make Diamond proud in it.

  • nshadowen1977

    I  love  your  show. My  daughter would  love to  sport this  gear. We love your  show, keep it up gary.

  • JulieDivine

    My daughter would love this set of gear!!!

  • ZennyParsons

    This gear is perfection ! My catchers gear is all torn & broken & non-usable. This would be AMAZING to have for next season & seasons to come !

  • alexlisag

    My daughter sure would enjoy this gear. Looks great!

  • Johntodd3

    I just lost my job and can’t afford new gear since my DD has grown out her current set. This is exactly what my daughter needs. This gear will put her in beast mode and will help during those 100+ degree summer tourneys in Texas.

  • FigJamie

    I doubt I will win but if I do I will be giving the set  to you. I wish you, your daughter, and your family a joyous holiday.

  • Thank you for everything you do for youth softball and for all the amazing softball equipment you give away. Plus the main color of our softball team is black. Coincidence??? Thanks Gary!!!

  • jcpan9697

    This would be great gear to donate to our Softball program.

  • JeremyHarper

    My daughter would love a set of these.

  • jjbucketmom

    Count me in! We’d love to win some gear!

  • HKunes

    My daughter would love!!!

  • StaciaSummeyChappell

    Love watching and would love to win:)! Keep up the good work

  • BrianFournier

    Was introduced to this gear just a couple weeks ago and the description you gave was very similar to how it was described by the store. I am very interested in this gear and would like to get a set for my players.

  • CraigDriskell

    This looks great would love to have this for my high school softball team this coming season.

  • LeslieYoung

    This was be awesome to win for my daughter

  • Cool gear love to be the lucky winner. Love ya’lls show so much great info.

  • NicoleGiesey

    This gear is awesome! The design is just what we are looking for! Our girls have outgrown the gear that we currently have, so winning this would be amazing! Our girls would take pride in wearing this, and would make Diamond proud wearing it! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Rosalieb

    This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for my daughter!

  • Hollow Grind

    Really nice gear!  My 12 year old is hitting her growth spurt and some well fitting catching gear would be a blessing!

  • SuzanneCaricari

    Wow. This would be an amazing gift for my daughter! She is  a lefty that plays travel ball for the Worth Cobras 98 out of Loganville, GA!

  • StevePopko

    My daughter Angel plays rec, travel and fall ball. She has out grown her current catchers gear. This would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  • jjhlava

    My Daughter would rock this gear for her travel team!

  • kjtoelke

    Love the show.  Always looking for more good info.

  • ETCS

    Diamond makes a good product.  Can take the beating of travel ball.

  • TNTsoftballmom

    My daughter would love this!!  She was asking for a new set of catching gear for Christmas!!!

  • curlmeister

    That catchers gear looks pretty awesome! Great show gary I love watching your shows!

  • futureformerfatman

    Love you Blogs and Video!  Our new travel team could really use this equipment!!!!

  • KenzDad77

    Great show always has great tips and previews of the newest equipment. My beastie would love to wear the Diamond name with pride!!!

  • Libbysdad

    Diamond gear looks awesome

  • Kunsty33

    Would really love to win new catchers gear, it looks and sounds fantastic.

  • Arditto

    Great site! Love the different topics and tools!

  • KeithHodge

    This past season I questioned myself, why do I coach. At one point one of my players made an awesome play. I realized, there is nothing like teaching a child a skill and them using it in a game, then seeing the look of amazement on their face. Coaching, I recommend it to everyone. hodgekeith70

  • teemforbrook

    Thanks for the great show and advice! My daughter would love the catchers gear as she had been borrowing coach’s gear for the past year 🙂 So thankful for dedicated coaches that care about the kids!!

  • BrendonK

    Love the videos.

  • Bjack325

    Would be a good bday gift as a Head Coach. Also it’s needed starting up a new team.

  • trutexican

    Awesome product always enjoy using Diamond gear

  • ScottReisdorfer

    As a coach pretty much year-round (High School, Travel, and Rec league – Spring & Fall), and having two daughters playing (ages 11 and 14), I find Fastpitch TV invaluable. Love the different skills/views of all the coaches and players on the videos, especially when some of them are teaching/using the skills I have come up with on my own. The equipment reviews have also helped me gage, and/or suggest to parents, what brand of equipment might help improve their childs skills. Keep up the good work, glad I found you guys!!!

  • smak212

    Wow!!  Diamond Great Prize!!  and LOVE that Diamond Logo!!

  • 4TheKids

    Well, they are a girls best friend after all.

  • ElPaulPomerantz

    The videos from your site are fantastic. My daughter started playing catcher competitively last year. Your posted videos on catching have been very helpful, especially the clinics.

  • oldone2

    love the work you do for the game and the girls. thank you

  • oldone2

    keep up the good work Gary, the videos on here are great

  • Burgs

    Gary, thanks for all the stuff you do !

  • Burgs

    This would go to a donation since my daughter does not play catcher….

  • hoffy534

    Gary, your team does an awesome job supporting the players and coaches. Keep up the great work!

  • Titan102489

    At age 12 my daughter is just starting fastpitch. I came across this awesome sight. My son who is a Cather thought the gear is awesome.

  • Kochise

    wow this would be great daughter needs a new set of catchers gear because she grow out of her current set.

  • JonChwatek

    I enjoy this website so much, and use it to make the girls better players and people.   Thanks

  • Kimbert

    My daughter is due for some new catchers equipment. This would look great in her

  • Twolfie21

    Love the site, softball is better because of it!

  • Claytoninv1287

    Love the Diamond gear. Merry Christmas…

  • EricBushnell

    Our catcher in Wasilla Alaska would love this gear.

  • Adrenalinesoftball14

    Would love some catchers gear

  • dfkeith8

    My daughter just grew out of her gear and has asked for a new set for her birthday in the beginning of next year. These would be perfect for her.

  • GeorgiannErnstAndersen

    Would love to get my daughter a set of these

  • 3rileygirls

    My daughter would love new gear as she gets ready for her HS career!

  • ddky16

    Met Gary in Louisville Ky. At a clinic that he was filming episodes at. Great guy and great show. As a high school softball coach I enjoy watching and getting ideas and comparing philosophy’s. Really like the DIAMOND C5 catchers gear. It would be nice for our program. Keep up the great work.

  • bruinfan90241

    My daughter would love a new set of catchers gear. This set looks really cool and very functional.

  • SamKszepka

    Love fastpitch tv!!!

  • KatieMcElhaneybrown

    My daughter’s gear has seen better days. What a great way to start the season with new gear.

  • nataliepitches

    Would love to win the catcher’s gear for a great Christmas present!

  • jsupple28

    Thank you for all the great softball information.

  • deondittmar

    Love me some Fastpitch.TV

  • LancePeitso

    My Daughter could use some new catching gear.  This looks like a great set.

  • LuisPedroFolgarBatres

    I really need, this catcher gear, is lovely , and its time to improve the old ones

  • softballmom8823

    Happy Holiday to Fastpitch TV!

  • Coachbroker

    Daughter would love some nice catchers gear.

  • mjm8880

    I recently discovered you on YouTube and really enjoy all the coaching videos you post. They are great resources and have given me lots of new ideas for coaching. So thank you! Winning new catchers gear for the high school team I coach would just be an added bonus. We can definitely use it!

  • BrianFournier You are the winner of our Contest this month. Please send an email to with your address

  • won this months contest. Thanks everyone for entering.

  • BrianFournier

    Thanks, I love the Show

  • AB77

    My daughter’s travel league team could use new catcher’s gear! This would greatly help their team out! Crossing my fingers.

  • rumples

    Just seen your video for the first time .. I am hooked.. I just went threw and you tubed as many as I could . They are so educational. . Thanks. . I really liked the catching gear one ..