The Windmill Trainer Review

Pitching Aid

The Windmill Trainer
Pitching Aid


Learn how to have the “perfect circle” for your pitches

Learn the proper release time for a windmill pitch

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Windmill Trainer Review

Pitching in fastpitch softball is an essential part of the game that requires an enormous amount of practice. The most effective pitchers in softball do some kind of practice everyday. Whether it’s spins, arm strength, or even core strength, getting work in is very important. Release point is a crucial step in a pitcher’s motion and it takes tremendous muscle memory to consistently produce an accurate pitch. I have a pitching aid that focuses only on a pitcher’s release point, and creates muscle memory with each pitch. The Windmill Trainer is a tool used to give your pitcher visual on her release point, and a feel for where on her body she needs to release the ball.

The Windmill Trainer is an elastic strap that fastens around the upper part of the pitcher’s leg that corresponds to the arm that she pitches with. It needs to be placed just far away so when she completes her arm revolution, her hand touches the flap that extends out next to the outer part of the leg. The Windmill Trainer can be used with or without a softball. When a pitcher correctly uses the Windmill Trainer, her hand should hit the flap. When used incorrectly, that means the pitcher did not bring her hip through. This is a great tool to use in-between practice sessions, during pitching lessons, and even during warm-up.

The Windmill Trainer also comes with an instructional DVD to give you ideas and drills to use with the product itself. It is a great tool for starting pitchers to master their release point. It is very simple to use and can be used anywhere! Help your aspiring (or already trained) pitcher improve her windmill motion and release point.

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