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Worth Resistance Softball Trainer Band Product Review

Worth Fastpitch Experts Resistance Softball Trainer 12-inch Review

I am always hearing from parents and coaches in fastpitch softball about their girls complaining of arm pains and injury. This is a common occurrence in several sports, but since the game of baseball and softball involve using arm muscles more frequently than other activities, you see more arm related injuries. These injuries occur when athletes don’t stretch properly, their ligaments get inflamed from overuse, or they simply get over worked. There are some tools to help prevent this from happening and that’s what I’m here to talk to you about today. The Worth Resistance Softball Trainer.

This Resistance Trainer with attached softball is a great aid to assist in strengthening and conditioning your athletes arm muscles. With the resistance band and ball, you simply attach to the fence, or anywhere you can connect a carabiner clip, and get to work with some of the stretches already provided to you on the back of the package.

Worth Resistance Softball Trainer Review

  • Develop Arm Strength and Increase Velocity
  • Helps Avoid and Reduce Injury


The Worth Resistance Band helps build up the muscles that surround the rotator cuff and ligaments in your throwing arm that get over used. With travel softball players being on the road and playing so many games, this will aid in the rehabilitation after those long weekends. This would also be a great tool to put in a pitchers bullpen to help in warming up or staying loose waiting for their turn to get in the game. The amount of possibilities for this product to assist your athlete is endless.

This is a great tool for any fastpitch softball player. Whether she is ten or twenty, each fastpitch softball player could benefit from this wonderful product. Too many season ending arm injuries occur in sports because there was no proper training before play. Why wait until injury occurs to prevent the next, when you could start today?

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